How To Re-Fix Pay on Promotion/Upgradation (Options)

How To Re-Fix Pay on Promotion/Upgradation (Options)

I am sharing the most likelihood options for any civil servant to know how to re-fix pay on promotion / upgradation. if you are facing same situation then this information really helpful for you but read the topic completely. Because if you are promoted between June to November then you must know about the re-fixation of pay rules. If you pay scale stage not fixed correctly with the next higher scale then it will definitely effect on your pension means future of service.

If a civil servant before reaching the maximum of a Revised National Pay Scale is promoted to a higher pay scale between the 2nd June and the 30th November of a calendar year and his initial pay in the latter scale is fixed with reference to his pay in the former scale, he may, at his option get his pay re-fixed in the higher scale with effect from the 1st day of December of the year of his promotion with reference to his presumptive pay on that date in his pre-promotion scale.

Re-fixation of Pay (Promotion To A Higher Post)

The Government of the Punjab, Finance Department notified an amendment in Rule 4.4 of CSR for Note 11 below clause „b‟ vide No. FD.SR.II-8-27/81 Dated: the 10th February, 1987 as under:

It is permissible to post date the promotion of a Government servant to a higher post / award of selection grade up to the date when it will be to his benefit to get promotion / selection grade. This date may be selected at the option of a government servant concerned, which must be exercised within six months from the date of order making promotion / selection grade and when once exercised must be final. No compensation will be given for any consequence which may follow from the exercise of this option. When the option has been exercised, an entry should be made in this effect in the service book of the Government servant concerned and attested by the Head of the office. These orders will apply to promotion / selection grade in the same class of appointments and not cases where there is a complete change in the nature of appointment and they should be confined to Departments or establishment divided into grades.

Option For Re-Fixation of Pay on Upgradation

The Government of the Punjab, Finance Department vide letter No. FD(PC)3-1/83(Pt.II) Dated: 6th May, 1986 decided, after due consideration, that where a post has been upgraded between 2nd June and 30th November of a calendar year, the incumbent of such a post should be allowed re-fixation of pay with reference to his notional pay in the lower scale on 1st December of that year subject to the exercise of an option by the incumbent of the post provided that other conditions of earning of the increment are fulfilled. This order would be with immediate effect.

Pay Fixation on Re-Appointment

If an employee is re-appointed then the pay is fixed after getting the pay protection from the higher authorities. The higher authorities only give pay protection when an employee applies for the post through proper channel. If the employee does not apply through proper channel then he/she makes his own loss by loosing the previous service. I advise all the employees who don’t know that when ever they apply for another post they must apply through proper channel. There are many examples that employees did not apply through proper channel and they lost their previous service. Thus they made a huge financial loss to themselves. On re-appointment 1x premature increment is also granted and pay is fixed in the same way as described above.

Pay fixation on Move-Over

The move-over case occurred in the past before December 2001. The move-over was due to the employee if he/she reached to the peak of the stages. In case of Move-over the pay was fixed into the next scale and pay was taken the next stage of the higher scale.

Pay Fixation on Selection Grade

Fixation of pay for an employee who has been granted Selection Grade is the same as Promotion case. In this case 1x premature increment is also granted to the employee as in promotion case.

Pay fixation in case of Advance Increments

In case of Advance Increments No. of increments that the employee has granted as advance increments is added to his/her running pay.

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