How To Share Jazz Balance in Just 30 Seconds

If you are using the Warid/Mobilink Jazz network SIM in your mobile phone, you must know about the most incredible feature of share jazz balance in just 30 seconds. Yes, this is true that Jazz always facilitates their customers by introducing lots of packages time by time. Every one of us uses more than one mobile phone with the same network in our home, and we occasionally need to Jazz share from one network to another network like Ufone, Telenor, Zong. I will try to explain the easiest way to know how to share Mobilink jazz balance.

The method which I am going to tell you is the simplest and one-way procedure. I recommend you save this technique into your phone’s messages or contact address with the title of “Prepaid Jazz Share‘. You can share Mobilink balance with your friends and relatives by a simple Jazz share code formula. You can share the limited Jazz balance with a minimum of Rs. 15 and a maximum of Rs. 500 in a single day. The Jazz balance share is the most convenient and most straightforward process through which you can share your mobile balance with your loved ones. You can check best Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes Package 2023 Rupees 55.

Step By Step Method of Sharing Jazz Balance

The balance-sharing method of Jazz helps like lifesaving. You can help your family member when they need a balance where no other opportunity is available. If you and your partner are using Jazz prepaid SIM, then you can be capable of sharing balance;

Step-1: Open your mobile phone dialer.

Step-2: Type the asterisk, 100, asterisk, Jazz Number, asterisk, Amount and Hashtag. The pattern is given below;

Also Check:

*100*Jazz Number*Amount#

Step-3: After completion of the Jazz sharing process then you will receive an SMS of confirmation. The transaction will be completed when you confirm the function by typing 1.

  • The charges of balance sharing is Rs. 4.77 + tax/transaction
  • Minimum balance share is Rs. 15
  • The maximum sharing amount is Rs. 500
  • Only Jazz to Jazz share balance
  • This service is free of cost
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How To Share Jazz Balance in Just 30 Seconds

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