HRMS Software Launch For Federal Govt Teachers 2020

As we know that Punjab Govt School Education Department has already launched the HRMS Software for the teachers to eliminate hectic issues increasing from long ago. But now, there is a good news for HRMS software launching for federal govt teachers in 2020.

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This decision is entirely taken to solve the long run problems about teaching faculty of federal department. So for this cause, Federal Govt has decided to take the services of PITB to launch this software in 2020.

After introduction HRMIS software for FGIE, to improve the performance and efficiency through automatic system. We all know that, HRMS department physically exist in every department like Punjab School Education Department or Federal Educational Institute. But there are not sufficient manpower to do this process speedily.

When HRMS software launched for the federal govt. teachers then following personal matters would be solved promptly;

1). Records of Files

2). Transfer and Posting Records

3). Details of Inquiry

4). Details of Training

5). Efficiency Record

6). Promotions Record

7). Online ACRs Record

8). Salary Details

9). Retirement

10). Pension System and etc.

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HRMS Software Launch For Federal Govt Teachers 2020


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