Implementation of Anti Dengue Measures in Public & Private Schools

Government of the Punjab School Education Department (Monitoring Wing) has issued the official Notification letter on 19 September, 2019 in connection with field visit by officers / focal persons regarding implementation of anti-dengue measures in public & private schools.

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As you are well aware that the Government of the Punjab has declared the emergency keeping in view, the increased number of cases of Dengue patients in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad districts. In view of the high alert, CEOs (DEAs) are here by directed to take all necessary measures to eliminate Dengue virus/larva by engaging their designated teams/Focal persons with the special focus on the following SOPs:-

• Cleanliness (premises, toilets, water tanks, roof tops etc.)

• Grass Cutting from lawns and grounds

• Removal of junks and stagnant water

• Plugging of water leakages

• Identification of Dengue larvae and larviciding

• Ban on wearing of half salves shirts

• Observance of Zero Period

• Display of Dengue related Banners, Posters & Charts

You are therefore, requested to disseminate directions at all levels for implementation of the SOPs on Dengue through coordinated efforts in Public and Private Schools In order to eliminate the Dengue Virus. The Focal Person/AEO/Dy.DEO/DEO/CEO, DEA personally in the concerned district shall visit at least three schools per day and progress/visit report along with anti-Dengue activity based snaps, shall be uploaded through Android Phone on dashboard and also email daily progress / visit report to this office at

Moreover, in case of any laxity, concerned officer / Focal person shall be held responsible and strict action will be taken accordingly.

Implementation of Anti Dengue Measures in Public & Private Schools

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