Information Regarding Appointment of Employees

Director Public Instruction (EE), Punjab Lahore has issued the official Notification letter on 07th November, 2019 in connection with information regarding appointment of employees (all cadres) as stood on 31-10-2019.

Reference to the letter bearing No. 10542/Camp at Bahawalnagar dated 13-9-19, vide which it was requested to provide detailed information on the performa attached with the letter.

It is regretted to state that the requisite information has not been provided by any above mentioned officer during the visit of the undersigned at Chief Executive Officer (DEA) Bahawalnagar on 07-11-19. A letter bearing No. 6173/Admn dated 29-10-19 was also issued the remind you that during the visit this information is required at any cost to know the factual position about Recruitment in District Bahawalnagar.

You are revised performa has been developed which is enclosed. You are requested to provide data along with personal files as reflected in Performa. this information/personal files are reached in the officer of undersigned on 11-11-2019 without fail, in case of noncompliance matter will be reported to higher authority for strict action.

Information Regarding Appointment of Employees

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