Initiation of PERs/ACRs Through SIS (HRMS Portal)

The Directorate of Public Instruction (EE) Punjab has issued the official notification on 29th November 2021 to all Chief Executive Officers, District Education Authorities in connection with Initiation of PERs/ACRs Through SIS (HRMS Portal). All the teaching and non-teaching staff of School Education Department are informed to complete their ACRs before the last date is fixed on 31st March 2022.

Initiation/Reporting/Countersignature of PERs/ACRs on HRMS Portal

The competent authority has been pleased to announce that the matters of initiation / reporting and countersignature of PERS / ACRs are now to be taken up / processed through HRMS portal. This milestone / landmark will definitely facilitate to all employees of School Education Department (Teaching & Non-Teaching cadre) in order to get complete their PERs/ ACRs in due time i.e. upto 31st March of each year.

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In order to ensure its implementation in true sprit following guidelines are also issued for strict compliance;

  1. In each year w.e.f. 15th November to 31st December, the employee shall submit his / her PER / ACR through his / her login.
  2. After 31st December option will be closed and there will be no room to submit the PER LACR.
  3. From 01.01.2022 to 15.02.2022, these PERs ACRs will be available in the login of concerned reporting officer, who is duty bound to record his evaluation report / remarks in the PERs / ACRs within stipulated time.
  4. Finally after adding the comments on PERs / ACRs by reporting officer same will be available in the login of countersigning officer who will ensure his / her countersignatures on the PERS / ACRs till 31 March without fail.

All PERs / ACRs Forms are available in the login of each teaching & Supervisory staff of the Department w.e.f. 15th November 2021. It is again mentioned to all the employees that in case of non-submission of his/her PERS/ACRs within scheduled time, departmental proceedings under PEEDA Act 2006 will be initiated against him/her.

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Initiation of PERs/ACRs Through SIS (HRMS Portal)

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