Instruction Regarding Posts Correction on SIS Punjab App

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued the official Notification letter on 12 September, 2019 in the matter of Instruction Regarding Posts Correction on SIS Punjab App.

It is to Inform you that the following guidelines for correction of posts on SIS by the CEOs (DEAs) as well as by the Head of schools are as under:-


i. CEO office will verify all posts of all schools in their district.

ii. If there is any error in the post, e.g.

 a. The grade is incorrect, OR

b. The subject of the post is incorrect, OR

 c. The vacant/filled count of the post is incorrect,

The CEO (DEA) office will do the following:

a. Unlock the school for data editing through SIS App (by using the ‘Schools’ tab).

b. Contact the school, and direct the school to fix its sanctioned posts and teacher assignment.,

c. Lock the school for data editing.

d. Verify the correction made by the schools.


Step-1: Schools will ensure that all the posts are correctly entered (designation, grade, subject and total count) in the ‘Sanctioned Posts’ tab available on SIS, by entering all missing posts. For example. if Principal- 20 exists in school but is not being displayed in the tab, enter a post for principal – 20.

Step-2: Schools will ensure that the teachers are assigned to all the posts correctly. In order to do this,

a. Open the teacher tab.

b. Check the ‘Posted Against‘ of the teacher. ‘(If the teacher has been assigned an incorrect post, kindly correct and update it)

Step-3: Schools delete/remove any post that has been Incorrectly entered in the ‘Sanctioned Post‘ tab.

Note: A post cannot be deleted if a teacher is assigned to that post, to delete any post assign teacher to correct post.

You are therefore, requested to ensure implementation of above said directions in letter and spirit by 16 September, 2019 till 11:30 am. After the deadline, the system will be automatically locked.

Instruction Regarding Posts Correction on SIS Punjab App

Download the Notification of Instruction Regarding Posts Correction on SIS Punjab App

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