Investor Handbook 2022

The Government of Pakistan has launched the Investor’s Handbook 2022 which will help both local and foreign Investors in developing a holistic and succinct understanding of key potential investment areas. 

Pakistan’s geo-strategic location in close proximity to China, Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Central Asia makes it an attractive market for the country’s exporters. Emerging economies of Asia and Latin America exhibit strong growth in exports, making this one of the best indicators of development. The Arabian Sea also officers a ready opportunity for it to serve as a link to the global economy. At the same time, there are areas in our country that hold large and rich mineral deposits with infrastructure provided to tie them to the national economy.

Punjab, being the largest province of Pakistan with numerous resources at its disposal, has enormous economic and trade potential. In order to exploit this potential at a faster pace, an Investment Facilitation Cell (IFC) has been established at the Chief Minister’s Office, Punjab to welcome and facilitate all local and foreign investors by creating an enabling business environment in the Province.

Investor Book 2022 Investment Facilitation Cell (IFC)

The Investment Facilitation Cell (IFC), Chief Minister’s Office is an investment facilitation agency that has been established under the umbrella of the Chief Minister’s Office, Government of the Punjab. IFC aims at creating an enabling business environment through facilitating pipeline /potential investments and expediting the turn-around time for processing of existing investment cases, lying with government departments.

It is ideally placed to position itself as a medium of collaboration between various stakeholders and policymakers by creating champions on both ends of the spectrum in Punjab. This will ensure a smooth flow of information from the grassroots to the top of the policy networks with regards to issues faced by different businesses in Punjab. Further, the cell will coordinate and facilitate the interaction of business delegations with strong and valid investment propositions with the CM Punjab and other relevant high-level administrative officials to develop confidence in the investor’s community.

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Investor Handbook 2022

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