Islamabad Police Crackdown against Homosexuality Notification Issued

Islamabad Police Crackdown against Homosexuality

Office of the District Magistrate Islamabad Capital Territory has issued the official Notification letter regarding Islamabad City Police crackdown against Homosexuality, is not allowed in Political Gathering & Private Meeting.

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No. 27(20)-HC(G)/2019 – It is notified on 7th of October 2019 (Monday) to all City Government Officials, Civil Organizations, Community Organizations and General Public, that Homosexuality is strictly prohibited in Islam and hence, cannot be tolerated in any form, weather in a political gathering or during private meetings.

Islamabad City Police have received several complaints from the citizens in which they expressed their concerns over a possible massive wave of homosexuality in Islamabad after a Political gathering planned on 27th October.

It is hereby announced that the city officials will enforce Pakistan’s Law and the regulations set-out is Islam; and the workers of the political party are advised to refrain from such sinful deed during their gathering.

Islamabad Police Crackdown against Homosexuality Notification Issued

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