Issuance of Leave Title/Recovery of Conveyance Allowance

Office of the District Accounts Officer, Sahiwal has issued the official Notification letter on 4th January, 2020 in connection with issuance of leave title / recovery of conveyance allowance.

It is pre-requisite at the gazetted employees will have to get leave title from the concerned Audit Office, before availing and sanctioning the leaves by the competent authority.

It has been observed the undersigned that, while forwarding their request of leave title to this office, they are directed to deposit the Challan into Government Treasury under head C02814 in lieu of Conveyance Allowance (for the leave period) which is not necessary / compelled.

It is pertinent to mention here that, there is no need to deposit the ROP on account of Conveyance Allowance into Government Treasury for issuance of leave title but the prescribed Change Form for recovery or deduction of conveyance allowance for the period rendered to leaves may be forwarded along with request of leave title of the gazetted employees.

Furthermore, the ROP or deduction of Conveyance Allowance will be depicted / shown in the Monthly Reconciliation Statements of Receipts and Expenditure of the concerned Cost Centre.

It is therefore. advised to forward a prescribed change form all necessary documents for issuance of leave title.

Issuance of Leave TitleRecovery of Conveyance Allowance

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