Kabaddi Game School Education Department Notification

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department (Monitoring Wing) has issued the official Notification letter in connection with Kabaddi Game in Educational Institutions.

It has come into the notice of the Authority that the students in public schools are not being allowed to play Kabaddi game during recess time.

As you know that Kabaddi is an Important game and schools are the best and easily available platform for the students to undertake this physical activity. Further, the Kabaddi game is the essential part of sports events/activities which are conducted periodically in schools at different occasions.

It is the prime responsibility of Physical education teachers to motivate students to participate in sports activities Including Kabaddi.

You are requested to disseminate the Instructions to all Heads of schools with the directions to encourage and allow students Kabaddi game in schools under the supervision of Physical education teachers.

Kabaddi Game School Education Department Notification

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