Kamyab Jawan Program 2022 Online Registration

Kamyab Jawan Program 2022 Online Registration

The online registration for PM Kamyab Jawan Program 2022 is now opened. The Kamyab Jawan encourages hardworking, disciplined, and skillful business youth by providing them financial help without interest and interest. This program will encourage all male and female candidates to apply for Kamyab Jawan Program Loan and get the opportunity to do their own business.

Latest Kamyab Jawan Program Updates on 20th February 2022:

  • Training on Online Business For Young Entrepreneurs: Kamyab Jawan has announced the training on starting and scaling online business for young entrepreneurs. Kamyab Jawan in collaboration with USAID Pakistan Regional Economic Integration Activity (PREIA) is organizing in-person and virtual training sessions on leveraging e-Commerce aimed at benefiting young men and women entrepreneurs of Pakistan. The last date for submission of application is 28th February 2022. [ New ]

Training on Online Business For Young Entrepreneurs

  • Dear Citizen, You can check loan status for phase 2 on Kamyab Jawan website. Banks are working on applications. Due to a huge number of applications, it’s taking time. The concerned bank will contact you once processing is complete. (New)
  • Kamyab Jawan in Balochistan: The PM Imran Khan’s initiative of Kamyab Jawan Program for the youth in Balochistan with lots of scholarships, skills and certificates. The complete details are given below;
Total Skills Scholarships Awarded Conventional Skills Scholarships Certifications Under RPL High Tech Skill Scholarships
5,880 2,824 2,135 921
  • Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive is for the youth of Pakistan who want to bring up their sports talent to the national & international level. In this regards, the men/women hockey games held under Sports Complex, Islamabad. 
Women’s Hockey Match Men’s Hockey Match
1st – Punjab University 1st – Central Punjab University
2nd – Superior University 2nd – Punjab University
3rd – LCWU University 3rd – Sargodha University
  • Kamyab Jawan in Sindh : The Kamyab Jawan Programme is a youth empowerment program. Under the “Skills for All“, following scholarships, skills and certificates are handed over in Sindh, Pakistan;
Total Skills Scholarships Awarded Conventional Skills Scholarships Certifications Under RPL High Tech Skill Scholarships
19,719 7,242 2,022 10,455
  • Kamyab Jawan in Punjab: The Kamyab Jawan through its “Skills For All” programme aims to provide educational skills to the youth of Pakistan to grow in their career & future ventures. The following skills and scholarships are awarded;
Total Skills Scholarships Awarded Conventional Skills Scholarships Certifications Under RPL High Tech Skill Scholarships
38,142 14,329 12,835 10,978
  • Kamyab Jawan in KPK: Under the Kamyab Jawan Program (Skills For All) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa continues to create youth outreach through courses. The following skills and scholarships are awarded;
Total Skills Scholarships Awarded Conventional Skills Scholarships Certifications Under RPL High Tech Skill Scholarships
8,991 4,419 1,101 3,471

Kamyab Jawan Program 2022 Loan Categories

The Kamyab Jawan loan scheme offers establishing a new or maintaining an old business. This program provides loans from 10 Lakh to 2.5 crores.

Tier 1: 1 lake to 10 lakh

Note: This tier Kamyab Jawan loan program offers loans with any equity requirements.

Tier 2: 1 Crore

Tier 3: 2.5 Crore 

The PM Kamyab Jawan scheme targets to create jobs across Pakistan and uplift the economic scale of Pakistan in business and development.

Kamyab Jawan Offers Halal Loan:

The most of candidates want to get a loan without any interest, and HALAL is why the scheme will offer two options HALAL OPTION (Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan program provides a loan in Islamic mode. In this option, the bank will provide you with any hardware requirements according to the business model.

Kamyab Jawan Loan with Interest:

The Kamyab Jawan offers loans with 3% interest. It provides a list of banks that includes loans according to the Islamic requirements. The different 21 partner banks that work for this scheme. This loan is easily available without any hassle and difficulties.

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Kamyab Jawan Program Approaches:

  1. Loan for Business
  2. Skill development in youth by providing scholarships for getting skills
  3. Youth engagement in business and overcome the ratio of unemployment

The Jawan program have been established for 20,000 small businesses. It encourages the youth to start from small business in Teir-1.

This scheme offers loan for educated and uneducated person. They can start their own business without any financial hazel or difficulties.

The Kamyab Jawan program scheme offers 25 billions rupees for female to start their own business. The Kamyab Loan Jawan program wants to encourage female to do participate in the development of Pakistan.

How To Apply For Kamyab Jawan Program 2022

The application process for the PM Kamyab Jawan Program 2022 is online. You don’t need to go to any bank to apply for a loan under this scheme. The Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan program will monitor the whole process of online registration using artificial intelligence (AI) and maintains an index based on online data. You can fill the online application form or fill the application form available at; https://kamyabjawan.gov.pk › newapplicantform.

This application form gets information from the candidate in 9 steps online. There are the following 9 steps for filling up the application form online.

Step-1: Initial selection:

In this step, the server asks you to enter initial status in society and country. Such as status of candidate as employment, business and politics in Pakistan. After enter all information click on NEXT button.

Kamyab Jawan Program Application Form

Step 2:  Personal information:

In this step, the applicant enters their personal biodata such as Name, Gender, CNIC No, Father name with CNIC and picture front and backside. After entering all information, click on the Next button for the next step.

Personal Information on Kamyab Jawan Program Application

Step-3:  Qualification Details:

The next step is to enter your academic record, certificate, and picture. Click on the Next button after successfully completing this step.

Qualification Details on Application form of Kamyab Jawan

Step-4:  Contact Details:

In this step, the online server asks you to enter your address, phone number, province, and district details.

Contact Details on Kamyab Jawab Application Form

Step-5: Business Information:

In the step of Business Information, you need to enter your area of interest in business and all details including address of business city or province.

Business Information on Kamyab Jawan Program

Step-6:  Financing Details:

In this step, select the type of loan, tier type, year, estimated project or business cost, loan amount, and equity amount and source.

Financing Details on Kamyab Jawan Application

Step-7:  Business Plan:

In this step, you need to enter all the details related to the business model, the number of current employees, the ratio of the increased number of employees, and business age. After clicking on the next button for entering financing history detail.

Business Plan on Kamyab Jawan Program Application Form

Step-8: Financing History:

In this step, you must mention if you have availed loans from other banks. If yes, then enter bank name with loan amount and remaining amount with full detail and picture.

Financing History on Kamyab Jawan Program Application

Step-9: References:

In the last step, the applicant needs to provide the details of two references other than blood relatives with their complete bio-data such as name, CNIC number, address, phone number, and relation with the reference.

References on Application Form of Kamyab Jawan Program

After completing all the steps, the declaration box will appear. Read all the instructions carefully, check the “I Agree” button, and submit the application form. After the submission of all entered information then you cannot change it. Please, carefully enter all details in the correct form because any wrong information may cause the rejection of your loan application.

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Declaration on Kamyab Jawan Application Form

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  1. AoA,
    I applied twice for kamyab jawan loan in August 2021 and Nov 2021.
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    They asked to send DOB, CNIC issue date, and CNIC picture at
    I sent but there has been no response yet.
    Kindly inform about the loan application will proceed further.
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  2. This is nice step by Our Govt of pakistan but it is benificial if they processes on merit basis & seriously.
    I also want to apply for this program.
    I hope I will get this advantage

  3. Respected sir,
    With due veneration i submit that i am a retired clerk from kp police and now running my small bussiness of vehicle spair parts with a workshop. Thus i wants to increase my bussines but i have no more sources due to high prices of the parts, therefore i wants to get loan from the worthy Prime Minister of Pakistan Kamyab Jawan Progrrame


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