Kamyab Kisan Loan Program 2023

Kamyab Kisan Loan Program 2023

If you are a Kisan and want to apply for tractor then there is a good news that the Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the Kamyab Kisan Loan Program 2023. Because, the Govt of Pakistan wants to provide latest technology to the Kisan of Pakistan for betterment of country. All the farmers can apply online for the tractor scheme. It is nodoubt the biggest initiative for the agriculture sector. The government can also provides the best assistance and financial support through the Kamyab Jawan Kamyab Kisan tractor loan program.

Actually, the tractor will be provided to the Kisan on monthly installments only on 3% interest. You can apply for tractor loan scheme through National Bank of Pakistan. The NBP always provides an ease for their customers hardworking Kisans. National Bank will provide tractor and agriculture machineries under the NBP Kamyab Jawan program through Agri-Loan. What benefits you get from Pakistan Kamyab kisan scheme;

  • Al-Ghazi Tractor
  • Easies documentary process
  • Technical advice at door step
  • Easy Installments

How To Apply For Kamyab Kisan Loan Program 2023

The applications are invited from all the interested and eligible candidates for Kamyab Kisan program and get all the benefits from the Government of Pakistan;

  1. Please visit the Kamyab Jawan Program official website
  2. Now, you will see the “YES, Application Form
  3. Read the guidelines before filling the form if found any difficulty then you can lodge a complaint on Pakistan Citizen Portal
  4. The form includes 9 portions of the above fold content
  5. We will provide the information required while filling of form;

How To Apply For Kamyab Kisan Loan Program 2021-22

Step By Step Filling Procedure of Kamyab Kisan Scheme:

Section B: Initial Selection:

  • Are you a government employee? Select Yes or No from the drop down menu.
  • Please select whether you are a resident of Pakistan.
  • Select the bank where you want to apply for the loan under Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme
  • Are you an employee of the bank selected above? Select Yes or No.
  • Are you a politically exposed person? Select Yes or No.
  • Is it a new business or you want to expand your existing business? Select your business status from the drop down menu.

Section B: Personal Information:

Please note that you are not eligible for this loan scheme if you are a government employee or politically exposed person or employed in the bank you selected for the loan application.

  • Type your full name as per CNIC.
  • Select your gender from the drop down menu.
  • Type your correct CNIC number and re-enter the same in the next field.
  • Type CNIC issue date and re-enter the same in the next field.
  • Type your date of birth as per CNIC and re-enter this information in the next field.

Please note that above information is highly critical and will be verified by NADRA so make sure to fill it with utmost care.

  • Select from the drop down menu the number of people dependent on you.
  • Select your marital status from the drop down menu.
  • Type full name of your father/husband/guardian.
  • Type CNIC number of your father/husband/guardian.
  • Select your religion from the drop-down menu.
  • Select appropriate answer from the drop-down menu whether you have any disability.
  • Type your source of income.
  • Type your current monthly income in PKR.
  • Type your additional monthly income from other sources.
  • If you have any bank account, provide its name and account number.
  • Write down your personal wealth detail. It can be in the form of cash, asset, property etc.)
  • Type consumer ID of any of your utility bill. (Gas, electricity or Telephone).
  • Type your National Tax Number.

Providing NTN is not mandatory however having NTN will increase the selection chances of applicant. You can visit FBR official website to apply for NTN to increase your selection chances.

  • Upload your passport size picture. (Make sure the selected picture is clearly visible and is not a selfie)
  • Scan or take the picture of your CNIC’s front side and back side and upload.

Section C: Qualification:

  • Select your highest level of education from the drop down menu.
  • If you have obtained any technical education select from the drop down menu. Select ‘None’ if not any.
  • Select any relevant technical skill you have from the drop down menu. Select ‘None’ if not any.
  • Upload your last educational degree/certificate.
  • Upload your technical education certificate/diploma if any.
  • Upload if you have any documented proof/certificate of your artisanship or any skill obtained.

Section D: Contact Details:

Provide your correct contact details under this section as you will be contacted by the bank through the contact details you provided below.

  • Type your present address here.
  • Select your present province, district and tehsil from the drop-down menu.
  • Type your permanent address here if different from the present address.
  • Select province, district and tehsil of your permanent address from the dropdown menu.
  • Type your residence phone /landline number with area code.
  • Type your primary mobile number that is currently in your use.
  • Type your secondary mobile number. This is important just in case your primary number or landline number is not accessible.
  • Select appropriate option whether your primary mobile number is registered in your name.
  • Type your email address. You can leave this blank empty if you don’t have an email address.
  • Select your residence type whether it’s rented, shared or your own etc.

Section E: Business Information:

  • This section is about your business related information. What is the main category of your business? Select from the drop down menu.
  • Select your business sector from the drop down menu.
  • Select your business sub-sector from the drop down menu.
  • Type official name of your business.
  • Provide basic details of your business.
  • Select your business address from the drop down menu. Provide your residential address in case your business doesn’t have any physical presence.
  • Select your business province from the drop down menu.
  • Select your business district and tehsil from the drop down menu.
  • Is your business registered or not? Select appropriate answer.
  • Select the entity type of your business. Entity type is the ownership structure of your business e.g. sole proprietorship, partnership or limited company.
  • Type consumer ID of your business utility bill if applicable. (Electricity, Gas, Water or Telephone bill)
  • Type your business National Tax Number.
  • Select whether any vehicle is registered in your name or in your business partner’s/company’s name.
  • If applicable upload registration documents of your vehicle.

Section F: Financing Details:

This section is regarding the information related to loan you are going to avail under this scheme.

  • Select the type of loan you need for your business.
  • Select the tier type depending on the size of loan required.

Loans provided under Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Program are now segregated into 3 tiers.
 Tier 1: The range is 100,000 upto 1 million PKR with 3% markup
 Tier 2: The range is above 1 Million upto 10 Million PKR with 4% markup
 Tier 3: The range is above 10 Million upto 25 Million PKR with 5% markup

  • Select loan repayment tenure. How many years do you need to pay it back?
  • Type total estimated cost of your business in PKR.
  • Type required loan amount in PKR.
  • Type the required loan amount in words.
  • Select the percentage of your own contribution in the business.
  • Mention in digits your contribution in the business. (This field will be automatically updated once equity contribution percentage is added in the above field).

Note: This section will only be visible/applicable if you are applying for the loan above 1 million under tier 2 or 3.

  • Select the type of security you are offering to the bank. (You can offer vehicle, land, ornaments, public security or private security. Public security is investment in government bonds while private security is investment in any bond/company shares.)
  • Type briefly details of the security being offered.
  • Select the ownership status of offered security.
  • Upload the documented proof of security being offered.

Section G: Business Plan:

If initially you had selected ‘New Business’ as your current business status, then below mentioned questions will be shown under this section.

  • Type estimated cost of operating assets.
  • Type the estimated cost required for the initial setup of your new business.
  • Type your monthly business revenue. Mention expected estimate.
  • Type your monthly business expenses. Mention expected estimate.
  • Type your monthly indirect business expenses. Mention expected estimate.
  • Type in digits the estimated number of employees to be hired in your business.
  • Select your relevant experience in years.
  • Upload your experience certificate if any.
  • Use this field if you want to upload any other relevant document to strengthen
  • Upload the feasibility report of your new business. Either you can draft feasibility report yourself or avail the services of a finance expert/company.

If initially you had selected ‘Expand existing Business’ as your current business status, then below mentioned questions will be shown under ‘Business Plan’ section.

Mention current assets of your business. (Current assets are for a shorter period of time used in the day-to-day operations of a business to keep it running. For example cash, cash equivalents, accounts receivable, stock inventory, marketable securities, pre-paid liabilities, and other liquid assets.)

  • Type name of your fixed assets. (Fixed assets are long-term, physical assets such as machinery, plant, equipment, shop/building ownership etc.)
  • Type your current liabilities. (E.g. accounts payable, short-term debts, income taxes owed etc.)
  • Type your long term liabilities. (E.g. bonds payable, long-term loans, capital leases, deferred income taxes etc.)
  • Type your equity contribution amount.
  • Type your monthly business revenue.
  • Type your monthly business direct expenses.
  • Type your monthly business indirect expenses.
  • Type in digits the number of employees associated with your business.
  • Type in digits the estimated number of new employees expected to be hired.
  • For how many years you are associated with this business? Type your business age in numbers.
  • Upload your latest tax return file.
  • Upload your business license or registration document.
  • Upload your financial bank statement of last 3 years.
  • If applicable, upload recommendation letter from Chamber / Trade Body / Union.
  • Upload the feasibility report of your business. Either you can draft feasibility report yourself or avail the services of a finance expert/company.

Section I: Financing History:

  • Is you or your parent or spouse a defaulter? (This may affect the minimum required size of your security and equity contribution.)
  • If you have already availed any type of loan from other banks, you are required to mention details here.
  • Type name of the bank from where you have availed loan.
  • Type in digits total loan amount you had received.
  • Type in digits outstanding loan amount.

Section I: References:

You are required to provide details of 2 persons as a reference.

  • Please note that the references you are providing should not be your blood relative.
  • Type full name of the person.
  • Type your relation with him/her. (Friend, colleague, neighbor etc.)
  • Type his/her correct CNIC number.
  • Type his/her mobile number.


Dear applicant,

This is the last section of your application where you are required to provide declaration on the authenticity of your information provided in the form.

You need to verify the basic information mentioned below;

Tick here to agree to the terms and condition.

Submit the form after proofreading/correcting all the information provided under different sections.

Please note that no corrections can be made after an application is submitted.

Therefore, all applicants are advised to fill out the form correctly and with utmost care. Save the filled out form before submission, proof read all the fields for accuracy and then submit it.

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