Leave Rules in Education Department Punjab Pakistan

If you are working in Punjab School Education Department then it is utmost important to get familiarization about your departmental rules about sanctioning leaves. One of most important news is casual leave sanctioning through online by HRMS.

Types of Leaves in Education Department Punjab

There are different types of leaves are allowed for any employee especially teachers of school education department. These all leave types you can avail by understand the procedure of how can apply for leave.

Casual Leave

25 Days Casual leaves are allowed in a year.

You can take up to 10 days leave at a time by Dy. DEO.

You can also take 15 days leave at a time by competent authority.

E-Leaves / Earned Leaves

You have earned a bonus of 120 days (1×12=12 after 10 years of service you will earn a bonus of 120 days) after your service of more then 16 days so you can take E/leaves without medical certificate but they will be excluded from your bonus you can also take/leaves of 180 days but with medical certificate.

Extraordinary Leaves

If your service is of 5 years and you want to take 2 years leave you can apply for EOL But with out pay and they will be deducted from your total service.

Special Leave (Not deducted from your bonus)

Maternity leave

Maternity leave of 90 days female two time in entire service with full pay.

Paternity Leave

Paternity leave of 15 days.

Hajj Leave

Hajj Leave or Ex Pakistan Leave of 40 days.

Iddat Leave

Iddat leave of 130 days once in a service with pay for females.

Sick Leave

Sick leave of 90 days with medical certificate

Hospital Leave

Hospital leave of 6 month in case you met with any accident.

Half Pay Leave

If you want to take more then E-Leave you can but on half pay.

Study Leave

Study leave, you can apply for it after you become permanent till completion course with basic pay.. normally two years.

Leave Rules in Education Department Punjab Pakistan

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