Lets Dispel & Defeat Propaganda KPK Health Department

Read the Regional and District Health Authorities Act 2019 carefully to dispel and defeat the Propaganda.

Propaganda & Lies

Hospitals are being privatized through the Act.

Free treatment facility is being ended through the Act.

Status of Government Employees will finish through this Act. Pensions and other benefits will also be done away with.

Truth & Reality

According to the Act, Government Hospitals will be provided a One-Line budget, so that they can meet their expenditures independently.

According to the Act, there will be an end to political interference in the administrative and financial affairs of the hospitals.

According to the Act, the full powered Board of Governors will have the administration and management of the hospitals independently.

According to the Act, Board of Governors will have the liberty and authority to make purchases of Medicines and Equipment without any pressure. This will ensure that the General Public have access to health services locally.

According to the Act, Board of Governors will have members of repute from civil society professionals and technocrats.

According to the Act. the powers will be devolved to the grass-root level, so that the problems of the hospitals are resolved at the very grass-root level.

Devolution of powers will enhance public service delivery.

The Act also gives representation to the Doctors and Nurses in the Board of Governors.


The protesting Doctors are warned that if they try to intervene in the services provided in the hospitals or damage any public property, strict legal/disciplinary action will be taken against them according to prevailing laws and rules. This may result in 1 year imprisonment apart from their removal from services.

NOTE: It is worth mentioning that the salaries and other benefits of the doctors are much higher than any other Government servant of the province. Similarly their salaries are also much higher than the doctors of other provinces .

What else do the doctors want?

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Lets Dispel & Defeat Propaganda

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