List of Anomalies To Check During Census 2021-22

If you want to read the anomalies which are being checked during the Annual Census 2021-22. There are actually 41 checklist points are given below in details;

  1. All classrooms are dangerous but building condition is satisfactory
  2. All sections are sitting in open air whereas functional classrooms exist
  3. Boundary wall recently constructed but you have not mentioned boundary wall availability
  4. Building condition/ownership is mentioned but building is not available
  5. Building is available but constructed area is zero
  6. Building is available but mentioned that School is running in open space
  7. Building is available but no room exists
  8. Building is critically dangerous but no room/classroom dangerous
  9. Building is not available but ECE room is available
  10. Building is not available but mentioned the building condition/ownership
  11. Building is not available but rooms exist
  12. Classroom recently constructed but total no. of functional classrooms are zero
  13. Computer training students are greater than total enrollment in school
  14. ECE room is not available but other indicators related to ECE room are mentioned
  15. Invalid Constructed area
  16. Invalid Playground area
  17. Invalid NA No. (Freeze)
  18. Invalid no. of library books in any subject (6 characters)
  19. Invalid no. of Urdu, English or Science books (6 characters)
  20. Invalid no. of chairs or three seaters for students (4 characters)
  21. Invalid PP NO.
  22. Lab. recently constructed but Science lab. is not available
  23. Library does not exist but library state is mentioned
  24. Library recently constructed but Library is not available
  25. Male School having total girls enrollment
  26. Primary/Middle/High/H.Sec. Schools with zero furniture for students
  27. No. of chairs/tables are zero for teachers in Middle/High/H.Sec. Schools
  28. No. of chairs/tables are zero for teachers in Primary Schools
  29. NULL NA NO.
  30. NULL PP No.
  31. NULL School Gender
  32. NULL School Location (Urban/Rural)
  33. Re-verify that the school building is fully dangerous
  34. Re-verify that the school is running without any kind of building
  35. Re-verify, all rooms/classrooms are dangerous
  36. School Name or School Level is incorrect
  37. Science Lab. is available but phy./chem/bio/combined lab is not available
  38. Toilet recently constructed but total no. of usable toilets are zero (Yes)
  39. Re-verify the disability/special children data
  40. Invalid SC members
  41. Check all similar indicators that are in Census & Monthly Monitoring

List of Anomalies To Check During Census

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