List of Record for Inquiry District Bahawalnagar regarding Recruitment

District Education Officer, Bahawalnagar has issued the official Notification letter on 15th November, 2019 in connection with list of record required for the inquiry of District Bahawalnagar regarding recruitment’s from year 1989 to 2018 of all categories.

Please refer to the verbal Instructions of the Worthy DPI(EE) Punjab, Lahore, dated 14.11.2019 on the subject cited above.

You are directed to submit the following record to this office up to 18-11-2019 for further submission to the higher authorities.

List of Record for Inquiry

  1. Year wise summary of Appointments of all categories
  2. Year wise Advertisements for recruitment
  3. Merit lists of appointments category wise (PST,ESE, EST, SESE, SST,SSE,C.IV etc), year wise
  4. Minutes of Meetings of Recruitment committees
  5. Detail of Sanctioned, Working and Vacant posts, category wise/year wise.
  6. Detail of appointing Authorities during the period 1989 to 2018 i.e Name, Designation, Duration, Contact No., Present Posting, Specimen Signature , residential address
  7. NTS Gazette
  8. Diary Registers on which applications were recorded for recruitment
  9. Dispatch Registers.
  10. Payroll of each school (Teaching & Non teaching staff).

Note:-  The above mentioned record must be attested/verified by the CEO (DEA). It may please be treated as most urgent.

List of Record for Inquiry District Bahawalnagar regarding Recruitment

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