LND Criteria

LND Criteria

To understand role of AEOs, they should watch on YouTube or on Sis.punjab.gov.pk:

AEOs – Orientation to LND
AEOs as mentor

To understand revised LND, they should watch:

Introduction to LND
LitNum Hour Routine 1
LitNum Hour Routine 2

Read More: Revised LND Model School Education Department Punjab

LND monthly assessment

SIX SLOs will be assessed for each subject in each month. (Total : 18 SLOs).

Each SLO will be responded thrice, hence altogether 54 responses will be collected from 7 students of each class. Hence each student should be able to attempt all types of questions.

Out of Six, 4 SLOs are taken from Grade 2 and 2 are taken from Grade 3 that must have been taught 2 months ago according to the academic calendar.

After 24 hours of assessment, schools can access feedback through SIS website that will highlight SLOs that need improvement along with a video that can help teachers to understand the SLO and improve their teaching.

The results will be merged for all 3 subjects to be incorporated in district ranking. Along with assessment, MEAs will observe the following:

  • Are lesson plans available for LITNUM in the classroom? If yes:
  • Is LitNum Hour routine is displayed in the classroom?
  • Is story/poems mentioned in the lesson plan available in the class?
  • Are key words displayed for English/Urdu/Math in the classroom?
  • Are there introduction to LITNUM hour/SLO documents available in the classroom?
  • Do teachers write reflective notes? (Given on SIS website)
  • Do the students have new word booklet for English and Urdu?
  • If Yes, are any words written in the booklet?

In the upcoming months, schools will be asked to organize reading/mathematics competitions as well such as maximum number of stories in Urdu/English read by students or puzzles solved by them etc.

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