Local Government Sindh Complaint Cell Helpline 1093

Local Government Sindh striving for better service delivery complain cell helpline 1093. The Local Government & Housing Town Planning Department, Government of Sindh is launching a helpline with 4 digit phone number 1093 for the convenience of the general public to register complaints regarding all Local Councils, Development Authorities and other institutions throughout the province.

The complaints regarding Cleanliness, water, Sewerage, Stray Dogs, Street Lights, Birth and Death registration, Housing and Town Planning, Land matters and other grievances may be registered on the helpline.

Local Government Sindh Complaint Cell Helpline 1093

5 thoughts on “Local Government Sindh Complaint Cell Helpline 1093”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I want to draw your kind attention towards stray dogs matter at Guldad Shah Road, Shamozai Mohalla Madina Colony near Firdos Masjis Baldia Town Karachi 75760, it is requested kindly help the residents of the area to get rid of these dogs, your anti-dogs action will be highly appreciated.
    Thanking you in anticipation!

  2. Assalamualaikum

    Pavallion club is situated behind Aladin Park Rashid Minhas Road , it is suspected that the structure is constructed on amenity plot against the local govt.rules and comes under illegal encroachment..
    Kindly scrutinize the facts to demolish the structure if constructed illegally.

  3. Salam are you doing some action against encroachment or not.
    In korangi no 5 near korangi model park the green belt from korangi 5to 100 quarter is completely occupied by encroachers after the supreme court orders they have been served the notices to vacate govt places but no any action is taken by commissioner or deputy commissioner korangi or encroachers are above any law now in lock down the encroachers are further extending there illegal houses and shops now all sewerage is on the roads green belts completely occupied even the ”kachra kundy”is no more in karachi

  4. السلام وعلیکم
    محترم سر میں حیدرآباد لطیف آ باد یونٹ نمبر 11 یوسی 66 کا رہائشی ہوں ہماری یوسی کا کلرک انور جو کہ گزشتہ 18 سال سے اسی جگہ تعینات ہے یوسی کی عوام سے سر ٹیفکیٹ بنانے کی مد میں بے شمار اور ناجائز پیسے وصول کرتا ہے انور کے والد یوسی کے ناظم رہ چکے ہیں اسی وجہ سے انور کا کبھی ٹرانسفر نہیں ہوا اور یہ کلرک سیاسی طور پر نوکری پر بھرتی ہوا ہے میری آپ سے مؤدبانہ گذارش ہے یوسی کلرک انور کا یہاں سے ٹرانسفر کیا جائے اور اس یوسی 66 کا آڈٹ کروایا جائے
    آ پ کے تعاون کا بہت شکریہ
    درخواست گزار
    مرزا صفیان بیگ
    رابطہ نمبر 03133081108


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