Lockdown in Islamabad Extended Till 31st May, 2020

Office of the District Magistrate Islamabad Capital Territory has issued the official Notification letter regarding lockdown in Islamabad extended till 31st May, 2020.

In continuation of this office order No.1(1)-HC(G)/2020 dated 25-04-2020 and in consonance with the advice received from Federal Government, In the National Coordination Committee meeting dated 07th May, 2020, the applicability of above referred order is hereby extended till 31st May, 2020, with following additional exemptions, unless modified otherwise:

i) Phase-II of the construction sector i.e. businesses of steel and PVC Pipes, electric appliances, manufacturers of steel & aluminum equipment, ceramic and paints industries, sanitary, paints, steel and aluminum works and hardware stores subject to the adoption of SOPs / guidelines issued for industrial units and sale points.

Ii) All factories not included in negative list, including export industry, will be allowed to resume their operations. However, detailed notification in this regard shall be issued separately by the appropriate authorities.

iii) All retail shops except large shopping malls, I & T Centers, all community markets and all small markets of rural area are allowed to open subject to adoption of SOPs / guidelines for five days a week operationalization as per para (ii).

iv) Parks, Trails, Golf Course, Polo Clubs, Tennis courts, all such facilities with no public gathering and they shall abide by SOPs / guidelines already issued vide office order No.1(135)-HC(G)/2020 dated 29-04-2020, for parks /trails for maintaining social distancing including wearing of masks etc.

All shops and businesses exempted under this order shall open for five days in a week from 08:00 a.m, to 05:00 p.m. and remain closed on Saturday & Sunday (this restriction commences w.e.f. 9th May, 2020 i.e, Saturday) except the following. which will remain open:

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Owners, Proprietors, Management & Associations Stakeholders will be responsible for ensuring SOPs and Social Discipline, wearing of masks inside, on entry and outside their business place / establishment. In case of any violation, the outlet establishment will be sealed with fine and criminal proceedings will be initiated.

It is hereby clarified that following shall continue to remain closed:

(i) Main Marakiz of all sectors (Blue Area, Aabpara, Karachi Company, Super, Jinnah Super, Melody, F-10, F-11, I-10, I-8 Marakaz and other sectoral marakiz.

(ii) All main marakiz / commercial centers of private and cooperative housing societies.

(iii) Rawat, Bharakau, Tarnol and other major markets of rural areas

(iv) Educational institutions

(v) Restaurants (except takeaway and home delivery)

(iv) Hotels (except takeaway. home delivery)

(v) Marquees, marriage Halls, Cinemas including those located in community markets and places of large gatherings.

(vi) Public processions / gatherings / congregations of all nature.

(vii) Organized sports events and concerts.

(viii) All hairs salons, barber shops.

(ix) All Gymnasiums and playing areas in parks.

Tiger Force volunteers are authorized to inspect and report violations of SOPs (if any) to the concerned Sub Divisional Magistrates/Assistant Commissioners. Given under may hand and seal this 9th day of May, 2020.

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