Long Term Advances Federal Govt

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division (Regulations Wing) has issued the official Notification letter on 13th December, 2019 in connection with long term advances Federal Govt employees.

The undersigned is directed to enclose herewith Accountant General Pakistan Revenue’s letter No. TM/18-64/C.H.A/2019-20/1516, dated 18-09-2019 on the above noted subject and to state that Federal Government is disbursing the allocated funds of Long Term Advances only to the Federal Government employees as per GFR-253-A to 263-A. So as to ensure the recovery of principal amount along with interest other, if any.

Whereas, as per Section 2(I)(b)(i), “a person who is on deputation to the Federation from any Province or other authority” is not a civil servant, Moreover, n terms of GFR 253-A (2) (xi) (a) HBA cannot be granted to a government servant unless he has completed at least 10 years continuous service in Federal Government.

Relaxation to Avail Advances to Government Servants

This condition is relaxed in following situations-

  1. The temporary Government servants in National Pay Scales No. 1 and 2 will be eligible to draw the advance irrespective of the length of their temporary service.
  2. The condition of completion of 10 years continuous service shall not be applicable in case of a government servant directly recruited through the CSS competitive examination or appointed through the Federal Public Service Commission(FPSC).

Hence, HBA/MCA 18 not admissible to employees who are on deputation/secondment/posting to Federal Government from Provincial Governments, autonomous bodies and from Armed Forces etc. They are governed under their own service rules.

Long Term Advances Federal Govt

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