LPR Incentives for Civil Servants After 25 Years Service 2020

The Notification regarding (Leave Preparatory to Retirement) LPR incentives for civil servants after 25 years service has been issued by the Government of Pakistan, Finance Division on 20th May, 2020.

Notification of LPR Incentives

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Division’s OM No. F.1(8)-R-4/89 dated 04-12-1991 on the above subject (copy attached for ready reference) and to state that the said OM has been amended to the extent that the facility of retention of official accommodation till the date of superannuation on early retirement as mentioned at Part-A sub-para (i) titled: – Retention of Govt. Accommodation stands withdrawn.

The above amendment has been made in pursuance of the Cabinet Decision dated 21-04-2020. The other provisions of the said OM dated 04-12-1991 will remain intact.

Government of Pakistan, Finance Department already issued the notification in connection with incentives to civil servants to proceed on leave preparatory to retirement after completion of 25 years service on dated 4th December, 1991.

LPR Incentives for Civil Servants After 25 Years Service 2020

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