Manitou Unveils Retro-Inspired Fork with Modern Features

Manitou Unveils Retro-Inspired Fork with Modern Features
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Inspired by the famous Manitou fork from the 1990s, Hayes Performance Systems has made the Manitou Mattoc Pro Limited Edition fork as a nod to the past. This new version has 34mm stanchions made for 29-inch wheels, which gives it a retro look while also making it work better than ever.

As normal, the Manitou Mattoc Pro LE has 140mm of travel, but it’s easy to change the range from 110mm to 150mm. At 1,750 grammes, it’s pretty heavy, but its strength is even better because it has a reverse arch design, which makes it 13% stiffer than forward-arch forks of the same weight. The fork also has an integrated arch with three screw bosses for connecting the fender that comes with the bike.

The glossy cap is made with great care and goes through a lot of internal and exterior cutting. The Hexlock axle design increases the contact area and decreases movement at the hub junction, which makes the frame stiffer. The Hexlock SL2 axle has more cutting and an aluminium bolt that make it lighter without lowering its strength.

The Manitou Mattoc Pro LE has the Dorado Air system, which was first used in downhill skiing. It provides steady performance with a soft initial feel and adjustable mid and end stroke support. The positive and negative air tanks are balanced by this method so that the suspension responds best.

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The fork has a sealed damper with high- and low-speed compression adjustments on the outside. This gives riders complete control over their riding experience. A Hydraulic Bottom-Out uses a different hydraulic system that is turned on during the last 30 mm of the compression stroke to handle the biggest hits.

It is only available in “very limited quantities,” but the special edition Manitou Mattoc Pro has a unique finish that looks like the one on its predecessor from the 1990s. With its mix of retro-styled looks and modern features, this fork is sure to appeal to cyclists who want a unique riding experience.

To sum up, the Manitou Mattoc Pro Limited Edition fork combines the best of traditional design with the latest technology, making it a top choice for trail riders who want both style and performance.

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