Master Trainer Salary Package 2021

QAED (Quaid-e-Azam Academy For Educational Development, Govt of Punjab has issued the official notification on 4th August 2021 for clarification of Master Trainer Salary Package as revised financial guidelines/instructions for Phase-I of three days online training of PSTs on Single National Curriculum (SNC) at Tehsil level in Punjab commenced from 14-7-2021.

Salary of A Master Trainer 2021 Details

In substitution of the previous financial guidelines for the subject training circulated vide No. QAED/Fin/2(49)/2020-21/1063-1098 dated 11-06-2021, competent authority has approved the revised guidelines as following:

General & Financial Guidelines/Instructions

The expenditure will be incurred strictly in accordance with following financial guidelines/instructions as per funds enumerated object/head-wise in the enclosed financial plan and in case of any irregularity, the concerned QAED head will be held responsible

  1. Honorarium as Salary Incentive and daily of a Master Trainers (MTs) is @ Rs. 4000/- per day. The Master Trainers will bear the internet connection cost by their own as they have been paid an honorarium for this training (Average 100 PSTs/ Class) (A01273-Renumeration / Honorarium).
  2. Honorarium for Admin (MT) @ Rs.500 per day by relevant district (A01273-Renumeration / Honorarium).
  3. Divisional Technical Expert @ Rs. 30,000 per person for the whole training will be paid by the relevant district (A01273-Remuneration / Honorarium).
  4. Entertainment will be provided @ Rs.500/- per day per Master Trainer (Lunch and Tea) as per actual attendance sheet (A06301-Entertainment).
  5. Other/miscellaneous charges (electricity generator, photocopies of vouched accounts flex/banners etc.) will be provided for each center established for SNC Training @ Rs. 10,000/- for whole training (A03970 Others)
  6. District QAED Head will ensure that under no circumstances budget allocated for one object is used for another object.
  7. The expenditure may be materialized subject to codal and procedural formalities to be fulfilled by QAED Heads as well as to follow PPRA rules.

Master Trainer Salary Package 2021

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