Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill 2021

According to the media reports, The Senate has passed the maternity and paternity bill on 27th January, 2020. The Bill was submitted on 12-11-2018 by the Member-In-Charge Senator Quratulain Marri. According to the details of this bill, 6 months maternity leave will be granted to the mother and 03 month paternity leave granted the father with full pay. But we all are waiting the approved maternity and paternity leave Bill 2021.

Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill 2021

A Bill to provide for the facility of maternity and paternity leave to the employees of public and private establishments.

Provision of Maternity and Paternity Leave:

The employees of every establishment shall be provided six months paid maternity and three months paternity leave as and when applied by employees, separately from their leave account, commencing from the date as applied by the applicant in the application and supported by a medical certificate.

The employees shall also be provided with an additional three months optional unpaid maternity and one month paternity leave, separately from their leave account, if required by employee.

There shall be no further extension granted to any of the leaves aforementioned in section 3 of this Act.

Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill 2018

Commencement of Leave:

The leave may commence from the day following the day on which an employee hands over the charge of his post and may end on the day preceding that on which (s) he resumes duty.

Termination and Seeking Leave Not Allowed:

The employer shall not be allowed to terminate the services of an employee merely on seeking leave under the previsions of this Act. In case the employee violates the discipline and commits misconduct including extension of the leave without prior permission of the competent authority, the employer take disciplinary action as may be prescribed.

Statement of Objections and Reasons

Working women are a growing reality in Pakistan. In order to facilitate women to fulfill the obligations of motherhood without having to compromise on their professional growth, Article 37 (e) of the Constitution of Pakistan provides the maternity benefits to women and entitles them to leave, This Bill aims to provide expectant mothers maximum required leave in order to facilitate them.

On the other hand, the law does not mandate the prevision of paternity leave for male employees, where the need for the institutionalization of such support structure is no different. Research suggests that enabling fathers to look after their new born children has positive knock-on effects.

The early close relationship between father and child has long-term implications. This Bill seeks to provide fathers the opportunity to be there at a crucial time without the added responsibility of the workplace.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Minister for Economic Affairs Hammad Azhar, while opposing the bill in Senate and said that already providing 90 days maternity leave to the female employees while male Govt. employees are availing 48 days leave in a year. Hammad Azhar suggested lowering the number of paternity leaves to 15 days.

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Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill 2020

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