Maternity Leave in Pakistan 2021

What is Maternity Leave

If we talk about Maternity Leave, then we simply concern about the right of female employees. Whenever, any female worker is pregnant then she is medically having permission to take rest during the critical period of pregnancy. Maternity is surely considered as compulsory option of female for 3 months leave with full pay.

Details of Maternity Leave Duration in Pakistan

All of those female workers, who are near to the confinement of pregnancy then she can apply for maternity leave for 90 days. There is also another option to get this as half before confinement and half leave after confinement. This rule is available is ESTACODE including leave rules of Punjab, Federal, Sindh.


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Pregnant Females can apply apply for the leave through the proper procedure of Doctor Certificate through Docket Form.  Maternity leave may be granted on full pay. outside the leave account, to a female civil servant to the extent of ninety days in all from the date of its commencement (as specified in the application for leave) or forty-five days from the date of her confinement, whichever be earlier.

Chances of Maternity Leave During Service

Such leave may not be granted for more than three times in the entire service of a female civil servant except in the case of a female civil servant employed in a vocation department who may be granted maternity leave without this restriction.

For confinements beyond the third one. the female civil servant (in a non-Vocation Department) would have to take leave from her normal leave account. The spells of maternity leave availed of prior to the corning into force of these rules shall be deemed to have been taken under these rules.

Combination of leave with Maternity Leave

You may get this leave with the combination of extra ordinary leave or any other kind of leave. It means that if an employee is already on Medical Leave, EOL or any other leave, it will granted with the combination of that leave.

Salary During Maternity Leave

Leave salary to be paid during maternity leave shall be regulated as for other leave, in accordance with the existing instructions of the Government. The leave salary to be paid during maternity leave will, therefore, remain unaffected even if an increment accrues during such leave and the effect of such an increment will be given after the expiry of maternity leave, in the event of resumption of duty by such female civil servant.

Maternity Leave in Pakistan 2020

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