Measures to Control Outbreak of CoronaVirus Epidemic in Country

Government of the Punjab, Services and General Administration Department has issued the official Notification letter on 18th March, 2020 in connection with measures to control outbreak of CoronaVirus epidemic in country.

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In continuation of previous instructions on the subject noted above. I am directed to convey following directions of the competent authority for strict compliance till further orders.

i). Only skeleton staff with attend the offices whereas the remaining staff shall work through Skype from their residences and will remain available on-call. In this connection, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) is developing a Skype based business account which will be shared with Administrative Departments, who are requested to approach authorities at PITB for operationalization of their respective Skype account. The implementation of this direction shall be ensured within 24 hours.

ii). Only necessary participants should be invited for meetings, Video-link, online conferences and Skype calls should be preferred for meetings and official discussions.

iii). Entry of general public to all government offices is suspended with immediate effect for their own protection and social distancing.

iv). All Administrative Secretaries, Divisional Commissioner, heads of attached departments and head of regional offices, shall notify, in the press, two(02) landline numbers and one(01) mobile number for contact of general public during office hours. These number, shall be displayed prominently, outside their office premises at entry gate Inspector General of Police, Punjab will separately issue similar instructions for contact with general  public for his own office and all of his field offices.

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v). Murree and all other tourist spots in Punjab shall be closed with immediate effect for all kind of tourists. However, local population shall be excluded from this ban/closure.

vi). AII the shops, shopping malls, restaurants including hotel restaurants shall be closed at 10.00 p.m. sharp. However, pharmacies and grocery stores will remain open as usual.

vii). All the public parks and recreational places, shall be closed with immediate effect

viii). All opened offices/banks/shopping malls etc will ensure availability of sufficient quantities of sanitizers and soap/hand wash during their operational hours at prominent places for hand washing.

The above instructions are to be implemented in true letter and spirit with immediate effect. These instructions will be reviewed in due course of time.

Measures to Control Outbreak of CoronaVirus Epidemic in CountryMeasures to Control Outbreak of CoronaVirus Epidemic in Country Pakistan

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