Meeting to Devise Action Plan for School Branding with Health & Wash Messages

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued the official Notification letter on 07th November, 2019 in connection with meeting to devise action plan for school branding with health and wash messages.

A meeting on the subject mentioned-above was conducted in the Committee Room of School Education Department on 04.11.2019 at 10.30 A.M. under the Chairmanship of Special Secretary (Planning), School Education Department. The list of participants is attached.

The meeting started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. The Chair welcomed the participants. Mr. Usman Ghani gave a power point presentation on following aspects of the program:-

Targeted Districts and Number of Schools

Initially this programme will be implemented in 2046 schools in 10 Districts as per following breakup:-





Lahore 358
2 Gujranwala



Rawalpindi 200
4 Sargodha



Faisalabad 200
6 Sahiwal



Multan 200
8 D.G. Khan



Bahawalpur 150
10 Jhang




School Branding with Health and Wash Message

The stencil messages will be embossed on the prominent places of the selected schools. Messages will be embossed on entrance passages & main gates. Standardized messages will be displayed in school premises so that they promote the healthy habits among students.


To obtain the desired goal, a plan has been devised in which Stencil Painting with Standardized Messages would be used in the school buildings consisted of twenty (20) different messages, five (5) wash messages and fifteen (15) health and moral values.

School Selection

School selection will be made on the criteria of visibility, accessibility, reach and gender equality, Elementary & High Schools will be given priority.

Roles and Responsibilities

School Education Department will monitor the programme. Two representative of Health Department and two from School Education Department will oversee the implementation status. CEO/DEA will be responsible at District level. Headmaster I Headmistress I Head Teachers will be responsible at School level. School Wall Painting will be made by the UNICEF supervisors. Selection of schools will be made by the CEOs and their list will be provided by them to the supervisors. Supervisor will develop liaison with CEOs and Schools. They will also assist the CEOs to organize the meeting of Schools. They also verify the work of team in the field. Headmaster will identify the suitable places for stencil paint in the premises of the school.

He will provide administrative support to the team in their paint work.he UNICEF team will provide the funds and this programme will be spread to all schools of the Province. A member brought the attention of the Chair towards the colors scheme of the wall chalking, at this, the Chair has directed to improve the colors scheme because the children like dazzling colors and besides better message can be delivered to them about hygienic and cleanliness conditions. This program will be implemented by 31st December. 2019. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from the Chair.

List of Participants

1. The Special Secretary (Planning), School Education Department, Lahore (Chair).

2. The Deputy Secretary (ER), School Education Department, Lahore.

3. Mr. Ali Ahmad Sian, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), District Education Authority (DEA), Faisalabad.

4. Mr. Naseem Ahmad Zahid, CEO, DEA, Jhang.

5. Mr. Muhammad Siraj-ud-Din, DEO (SE / EE), D. G. Khan.

6. Mr. Riaz Khan, CEO, DEA, Multan.

7. Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb, CEO, DEA, Gujranwala.

8. Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Chohan, CEO, DEA, Bahawalpur.

9. Dr. Shafaat Var Khan, Supervisor, Sargodha & Jhang.

10. ,Me Pervaiz Akhtar Khan, CEO, DEA, Lahore.

11. Ms. Sehr Raza Jafri, UNICEF, Punjab.

12. Me Muhammad Asif Mahmood, Supervisor, Lahore & Gujranwala.

13. Mr. Muhammad Boota, Supervisor, Lahore.

14. Mr. Sadaqat Var Khan, Supervisor, Sargodha & Jhang.

15. Mr. Asif Munir, Supervisor, Faisalabad.

16. Mr. Riaz Qadeer Bhatti, CEO, DEA, Sargodha.

17. Mr. ‘M. Sajjad Aslam, CEO, DEA, Sahiwal.

18. Mr. Usman,UNICEF, Punjab.

Meeting to Devise Action Plan School Branding Health & Wash Messages

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