MOIB Announces Executive Allowance 2022 @ 150% BPS-17 To BPS-22

The Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Islamabad issued the latest notification on 27th July 2022 in connection with MOIB announced executive allowance 2022 @ 150% BPS-17 to BPS-22 officers working in the federal secretariat. The executive allowance will be effective in the basic pay from 1st July 2022. If you are working in the Information group and other cadres then you are not getting this benefit.

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Officers Executive Allowance 2022 @ 1.5

The Finance Division, vide O.M dated 19th July, 2022 notified the grant of Executive Allowance to BPS 17-22 officers working in the Federal Secretariat and ICT Field Administration, @1.5 times of basic pay (30.06.2022) with effect from 1st July, 2022 whereas, the officers of the Information Group and other cadres were not allowed this benefit. The Information Group officers have raised their reservation against the said O.M. and demanded grant of Executive Allowance.

Demand of Executive Allowance:

You will appreciate the fact that despite having meagre resources at their disposal and multitude of challenges, devotion and sense of service of the officers of the Information Group is matchless. They ceaselessly work for narrative building and highlighting the initiatives and achievements of the Federal Government, while at the same time defending in the media, various decision taken by the Federal Government. Besides this they, as media specialists, perform sensitive & critical job of generating, developing and disseminating media content of the members of the Federal Cabinet as well as the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Therefore, their demand for grant of Executive Allowance at par with their colleagues from other services is justified.

Approval of Executive Allowance:

The Federal Cabinet Division in the Special Cabinet Meeting held on Friday, the 10th June, 2022 decided,

The Executive Allowance will be granted to the officers working in Federal Secretariat, President Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office and ICT Field Administration in BPS-17 to BPS-22, @ 1.5 times of the basic pay with effect from 1 July, 2022 in line with the Allowances granted by all the Provincial Governments.

According to Rules of Business 1973, “Federal Secretariat” means the Divisions or the Ministries when referred to collectively. Therefore, the officers of Information Group posted and working in Information and Broadcasting Division are legally and operationally the part and parcel of the Federal Secretariat, and therefore, cannot be excluded while granting any benefit to the officers belonging to other occupational groups working in the same Secretariat.

In view of the facts highlighted in preceding paras, the following remedial actions are proposed to be taken at the earliest: –

Admissibility of Executive Allowance:

  1. A revised O.M in line with the decision of the Federal Cabinet dated June 10, 2022 be issued by including the admissibility of Executive Allowance to all BS-17-22 officers working in Information and Broadcasting Division.
  2. Case for Grant of Executive Allowance to the officers of the Information Group on the same pattern as approved for the officers of Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) and Officer Management Group (OMG) may be submitted to the Federal Cabinet for consideration and approval.

Proposals contained in para 6 (1) & (ii) above may be presented before the Committee notified by the Finance Division on 19.07.2022, to resolve the issues arising in implementation of the grant of Executive Allowance.

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MOIB Announces Executive Allowance 2022

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Officers Executive Allowance 2022 @ 1.5

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