Motorbike Ambulance Service 2nd Anniversary 2019

Government of Punjab has congratulated to Rescue 1122 for the Motorbike Ambulance Service of managing 387,000 emergencies on the occasion on 2nd anniversary 2019.

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With average response time of 4 minutes in congested areas / narrow streets of 9 Divisional Headquarters of Punjab.

Motorbike Ambulance Service 2nd Anniversary 2019

Faculties in Motorbike Ambulance

Professionally Fabricated Bikes

Trained Emergency Medical Technicians

Blood Pressure Monitor

Life Saving Medicines


Pulse Oximeter

Portable Oxygen Cylinders

Cervical Collar

Airway & Burn Kit

Trauma Kit


In case of Emergency Dial 1122

Punjab Emergency Service

Home Department –  Government of the Punjab

Motorbike Ambulance Service

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