Mr Muzammil Hussain Appointed As New Chairman WAPDA 2021

The notification of Mr. Muzammil Hussain Appointed As New Chairman WAPDA has been issued on 24th August 2021 by the Ministry of Water Resources, Pakistan.

New Chairman WAPDA Mr. Muzammil Hussain

No. 2(11) 2017-Admn. In pursuance of Cabinet’s decision in case No. 747/26/2021 dated 17-08-2021 conveyed vide Cabinet Division’s Memorandum No. 26/CM/2021-D dated 20-08-2021. Mr. Muzammil Hussain is appointed as Chairman. Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) for a term of five years, in accordance with Section 4(2) of WAPDA Act, 1958 w.e.f. 24-08-2021.

For Information To:

  1. The Secretary to the President, President’s Secretariat, Islamabad
  2. The Secretary to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister’s Office, Islamabad
  3. The Secretary. Cabinet Division, Islamabad
  4. The Secretary, Establishment Division, Islamabad
  5. The Principal Information officer. PID. Islamabad
  6. The A.G.P.R. Islamabad
  7. Officer Concerned
  8. PS to Minister for Water Resources, Islamabad
  9. PS to Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources, Islamabad
  10. SO to Chairman WAPDA, WAPDA House, Lahore
  11. Personal File

Mr Muzammil Hussain Appointed As New Chairman WAPDA 2021

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