Constitution For Committee For Mutation/Retrieval of Public Schools Land in Punjab

Constitution For Committee For Mutation/Retrieval of Public Schools Land in Punjab

It was made clear by the School Education Department that people need to act quickly to speed up the process of changing and taking public school land across Punjab. They are doing this because the department told them many times to get land for state public schools.

As per the Punjab School Education Department’s order, it is very important to quickly form a group at the district level to manage the land change and retrieval process. It’s up to the committee to talk to the office of the Deputy Commissioner about what’s going on and make sure that something is done right away. Also, they have to report to the School Education Department every week on how things are going.

The order makes the point that this is a very important matter by saying that it has been brought to the attention of the office of the Honorable Ombudsman, which is pushing for quick action. It is very important to fix problems with public school land right away, as shown by a report sent to the Ombudsman’s office.

The order makes it clear that the problem is very important and asks everyone to support and pay attention to it fully. If you don’t fix the problem right away, it could get worse, so you need to act quickly and firmly to lower any risks or costs.

An important group of people has been given the order. These include the Secretary of the School Education Department, Divisional Commissioners, and Deputy Commissioners/Administrators at the district level. People in these roles are expected to do what needs to be done to speed up the process.

The order was also sent to the Advisor at the Ombudsman’s Office in Lahore in response to the complaint about the change in the use of school land.

The School Education Department moved quickly to fix the issue, which shows that it wants to make sure that Punjab public schools have the right tools and facilities. To make sure that all students in the area can get a good education and to improve school buildings, the department wants to buy and change school land as quickly as possible.

Everyone in the group is asked to work together closely and show that they need to solve the problem right away as the group moves up to state level work. The problem needs to be fixed quickly so that the department can keep its promise to give all Punjab residents a good education.

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