3rd National Essay-Writing Competition 2023

The National Counter Terrorism Authority, Pakistan has issued the official announcement on 19th March 2023 regarding 3rd National Essay-Writing Competition 2023. NACTA is holding 3rd national essay writing competition (English & Urdu) on following topics mentioned against each category;

Category Topic
15-20 years (word limit 1500 with 5% Relaxation)

The role of education in preventing extremism and promoting peace.

انتهاپسندی کوروکنے اور امن کے فروغ میں تعلیم کاکردار

21-30 years (word limit 2000 with 5% Relaxation)

The role of religious leaders in promoting peace and combating extremism.

امن کے فروغ اور انتھا پسندی کا مقابله کرنے میں مذهبی راھنماؤں کا کردار

Professional Writers/
Content Expert (word limit 2500 with 5% Relaxation)

The role of technology and innovation in countering extremism and terrorism.

انتها پسندی اور دهشت گردی کا مقابلہ کرنے میں ٹیکنالوجی اور اختراع کا کردار

Essay-Writing Competition 2023 NACTA

Participants will be required to strictly follow the following prescribed rules, failing which their entry will be rendered ineligible:

  • Essay may be written in English or Urdu language as per topic assigned to each category
  • The word count for the essay is mentioned against each category.
  • Word count must be mentioned at the end of the essay.
  • Essay must be original and will be checked for plagiarism.
  • References must be properly mentioned at the end of the essay.
  • English essays must be typed in Times New Roman, Font size 12, Line spacing 1.5.
  • Urdu essay may be typed and converted to PDF or hand written using single side of the page.
  • All Participants should send their essays via post or email: nactaoutreach@gmail.com along with copies of their ID cards and contact numbers Before Sunday, 30th April 2023


A cash prize of Rs 50,000/- along with a certificate will be awarded to the best essay in each category. NACTA will have intellectual property rights for all the entries.

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