National Working Women’s Day Message of Justice (R) Shahnawaz Tariq Ombudsman

Office of the Minister Women Development Department, Government of sindh has issued the message of the day through Dawn Newspaper on 22 December, 2019 in connection with National working Women’s Day Pakistan Message of Justice (R) Shahnawaz Tariq Ombudsman.

“National Working Women’s Day” was designated on December 22 and celebrated around the corner to acknowledge and recognize the contribution of working women in Pakistan regardless of their ethnic, linguistic, cultural or political background.

Despite all the hardships they face, our working women have refused to give up their endeavor and have proven their commitment to work shoulder-to-shoulder with men.

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They are proving to be the core and essential part of our economy and playing equally pivotal role with their male counterparts, leaving no stone unturned to emanate their impeccable strength.

Now, the chimes of the clock says time has come when the security of working women be assured especially of those who are stepping out to nourish their famines and spin the wheel of national progress. Undoubtedly, the pace of natural progress can be accelerated through women awareness, education and empowerment.

The Provincial Ombudsman “Protection Against Harassment Of Women at Workplace” is a prestigious government institute which is committed to ensure a safe, secure and congenial workplace environment for working women. As a Head of this office, I believe women have knowledge, courage and valour to make a change. Their silence should be given a voice.

This can only be done through raising awareness and sensitization of society especially men, Insecure, intimidating and ‘hostile work environment is a menace that blemishes their role in’ the mainstream of national development.

The special enactment Act-IV of 2010, “The Protection against Sexual Harassment of Woman at Workplace” extends women’s participation in nation building by committing safe and secure work environment for the working women. Let’s celebrate the day with commitment and fervour, recognizing the significant role of working women.

National Working Women's Day Message of Justice (R) Shahnawaz Tariq Ombudsman

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