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The Naya Pakistan Sehat Card is an another largest free health program in Pakistan. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has launched the Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card to facilitate free medical to the eligible families in Punjab. The initiative of Naya Pakistan Health Card is starting from Lahore. The Sehat card will be distributed around 10 Lac people within one year.

The basic purpose of providing free health facility to every single deserving family in Punjab. As we know that it is utmost difficult to pay expenses of your medical treatment that is why PM Pakistan has started Naya Sehat Card. Every single family who owns Sehat Card can get free medical treatment upto 1 million every year. The registration of Sehat Card in Phase-I is started from 1st January 2022 and ended on 31st March 2022.

Naya Pakistan Sehat Card 2022 Eligibility Criteria

The following 6 important steps are required to get benefit from Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card;

  1. According to the record of NADRA, a married male with his wife and children are considered a single family. In case of Widow, the amendment is required in NADRA record.
  2. Immediately make a CNIC from NADRA or update your record in NADRA according to the correct information.
  3. Husband and Wife record must be updated
  4. If you have children below 18 year then make a B-form other more than 18 years age you must make their CNIC
  5. If you want to get the Naya Pakistan Sehat Card facility then provide following correct details in NADRA (Marriage, Date of Birth, Death, Permanent and Temporary Address etc.)
  6. Naya Pakistan Health Card is provided family head only through which more details about the family can get from NADRA

Naya Pakistan Sehat Card 2022 Eligibility Criteria

Types of Treatments Through Naya Pakistan Sehat Card 2022

There are basically two types of medical treatment is providing through Naya Sehat Card;

Primary Treatment (Urgent):

  • Diabetes related diseases
  • Road Accident
  • Treatment of burning
  • Accidental injuries i.e bones break
  • Heart liver kidney treatment
  • kidney disease at the last level
  • Eight types of complex and heavy spending diseases
  • Surgery of nervous system

Secondary Treatment (Urgent):

  • Normal Delivery
  • Maternity complications
  • Diseases involving secondary treatment
  • The accident in which the hospital must enter
  • Pregnancy and maternity and related diseases
  • C section operation
  • Child Treatment
  • Every kind of diseases in which the patient has to enter the hospital
  • Vaccinations
  • Treatment After Birth

How To Register For Naya Sehat Card 2022

If you want to get online registration for Naya Pakistan Sehat Card then you can apply through two methods are listed below;

Registration Through SMS:

  • If you don’t have Internet or Android Phone then you can apply through SMS
  • Write CNIC number with dashes in message option
  • Send SMS to the 8500

You will get eligilbity or ineligilbity SMS on your mobile.

Naya Pakistan Sehat Card Mobile App

Naya Pakistan Sehat Card Mobile App:

  • Open Google Play Store in Mobile and search “Naya Pakistan Sehat Card”
  • Enter CNIC and solve Captcha
  • Click on Check Eligibility button

If you are eligible for Sehat card then Government will send your card at your nearest health care centre and you can easily get this card by showing CNIC.


How To Get Admission in Hospital Through Naya Pakistan Sehat Card 2022

  • Under the Sehat Card Program, the free medical treatment will be provided in case of admission in Government or Private Hospital through this card.
  • In case, you want to visit the Hospital then ensure you have Naya Pakistan Sehat Card with CNIC and B-Form in case of children.

How To Get Admission in Hospital Through Naya Pakistan Sehat Card 2022

  • Patient can visit at nearest Hospital which is registered with PHIMC including requisite documents. When you will arrived at Hospital then the representative of Naya Pakistan Sehat Card will receive you for your help.
  • The representative will check your eligilbity through CNIC and guide you regarding your treatment
  • If you want to get free treatment then make sehat card early and ensure the submission of information documents e.g. Marriage, Date of Birth, Death etc.
  • For more information call Toll Free Number: 080009009
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Naya Pakistan Sehat Card 2022 Registration Online

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