NBP Advance Salary Loan Calculator 2024

If you want to apply for advance salary loan from National Bank of Pakistan then you must use this software in excel. The NBP advance salary loan calculator 2024 is the best solution to calculate the amount of interest and the details of installments. it is most suitable for those employees whom are withdrawing money from National Bank.

NBP Loan Calculator 2024 – Details

According to the most confirmed sources, the advance loan software shows most accurate results. The calculator has mainly three sections;

1). Enter Values

a). Loan Amount

b). Annual Interest Rate

c). Loan Period in Years

d). Number of Payments Per Year

e). Start Date of Loan

f). Optional Extra Payments

2). Lender Name

3). Loan Summary

a). Scheduled Payment

b). Scheduled Number of Payments

c). Actual Number of Payments

d). Total Early Payments

e). Total Interest

How To Use NBP Advance Salary Loan Calculator 2024

You can follow the underlying steps to get the accurate results from NBP salary loan calculator;

Step-1). Enter the value of loan you want to apply for and write the amount in ” Loan Amount” [For Example 2,50,000]

Step-2). Type the interest rate (Mark-up) [19%] for in the column of “Annual Interest Rate

Step-3). Type the years [1-5 yrs] of loan in the column of “ Loan period of Years

Step-4). Type [12] means months in the column of “Number of Payments Per Year

Step-5). Enter the date when loan will start in the column “Start Date of Loan

Step-5). If you want to pay extra payment other than installments then enter in column “Optional Extra Payments” otherwise left the portion.

As we know that the scheme of National Bank of Pakistan to provide NBP advance salary loan for the government employees of federal or provincial.

Download NBP Advance Salary Loan Calculator 2024 Excel Sheet

NBP Advance Salary Loan Calculator 2024

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