NEPRA Increases Electricity Prices By Rs 1.46/Unit September 2023

NEPRA Increases Electricity Prices By Rs 1.46

In a recent development, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has decided to increase the cost of electricity by Rs 1.46 per unit. This price adjustment comes in the wake of their monthly fuel cost assessments and will be applicable to Federal consumers in their September bills.

However, it is important to note that this price hike will not affect customers who fall under the Lifeline and Electric categories. NEPRA has issued a notification regarding this adjustment to ensure transparency and awareness among consumers.

The decision to increase electricity prices is rooted in NEPRA’s ongoing efforts to balance the costs associated with electricity generation and distribution. As part of their regular review process, NEPRA evaluates the expenses incurred by power companies due to fluctuations in fuel prices, which directly impact the overall cost of electricity production.


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This increase in electricity prices aims to reflect the true cost of generating electricity during the month of September. The Rs 1.46 per unit adjustment is a result of these evaluations and is intended to help cover the expenses incurred by power companies in obtaining fuel for electricity generation.

NEPRA’s decision to exclude Lifeline and Electric customers from this price hike demonstrates their commitment to protecting vulnerable segments of society. Lifeline customers, who are typically low-income households, will continue to receive electricity at subsidized rates. Electric customers, on the other hand, will also be shielded from the increase, ensuring that essential services are not disrupted.

The notification issued by NEPRA serves as a reminder of the authority’s role in overseeing and regulating the energy sector in Pakistan. It highlights the importance of transparent communication with consumers and ensures that any changes in electricity pricing are clearly communicated and understood.


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While this price adjustment may pose a challenge for some consumers, NEPRA’s decision aims to strike a balance between the economic realities of electricity generation and the need to protect vulnerable segments of society. As Pakistan continues to grapple with energy challenges, NEPRA remains committed to its mission of promoting a sustainable and reliable power supply for all citizens.

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