New Corona Restrictions in Islamabad April 2021

Islamabad Capital Territory, district magistrate has issued the official notification on 23rd April, 2021 in connection with new corona restrictions.

New Covid Restrictions in Islamabad 2021

In exercise of powers under Epidemic Diseases Control Act, 1958, in continuation of this office order No. 1(135)-HC(G)/2021, dated 13.04.2021 and in compliance to decisions of National Command Operation Center (NCOC), Islamabad vide letter No. 801/A/NCOC-01, dated 23.04.2021, the following NPls will be implemented in the territorial jurisdiction of Islamabad:

  • Educational Institutions:

All kinds of educational institutions/schools in Islamabad will remain closed including classes from 9-12. Educational institutions are advised to shift to online learning only.

  • Restaurants:

All types of indoor & outdoor dining shall remain banned. However, takeaways / home delivery shall be allowed.

  • Gyms:

All indoor gyms will remain closed.

  • Commercial Activities:

All activities including commercial activities/markets/marakiz will be banned / closed from 6:00 pm till Sehr. Only exemptions will be to the essential services defined as petrol pumps, medical stores and health facilities/vaccination centers etc.

  • Closed days/lockdown days:

Weekends i.e. Saturdays & Sundays will be observed as closed days/lockdown days. There shall be a complete ban on all activities including commercial activities during closed days. Only exemptions are given to the essential services defined as petrol pumps, medical stores, health facilities/vaccination centers, poultry and vegetable shops etc.

  • Reduced Office Hours:

All public and private offices in Islamabad will observe office hours from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

  • 50% Work from Home Policy:

All offices in Islamabad (both public and private) will strictly follow 50% work from home policy.

  • Other NPls:

Already notified NPIs vide letter No. 1(135)-HC(G)/2021, dated 13.04.2021 of complete closures of shrines, ban on Inter-Provincial public transport ( to and from Islamabad) on two closed days and ban on all kinds of weddings, contact sports, festivals, political/religious/cultural gatherings of any sort, compulsory wearing of mask etc. will remain enforced. e.

This order will come into force on 24th April, 2021 and will remain enforced till 17th May, 2021.

This order shall be given wider publicity in officials Gazette, Daily Newspapers and Broadcasting through Radio Pakistan, Pakistan Television and other TV Channels as news item for information of the General public.

New Corona Restrictions in Islamabad April 2021

New Covid Restrictions in Islamabad 2021

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