New Head of Account 2019 Expenses, Allowances, Charities Notification

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department (Budget Wing) has issued the official Notification letter on 26th November, 2019 in connection with allotment of new head of account 2019 Expenses, Allowances, Charities in the chart of accounts (CoA) for Federal / Principal Government receipts / disbursements.

I am to reproduce here the Correction Slip No. 458 introducing new object code / entity code in the Chart of Accounts (CoA), for Provincial/Federal and District Governments, issued by the Controller General of Accounts, Islamabad for information and guidance.

Correction Slip No. 458


Major Object

A01 Employee related Expenses
Minor Object A012-1


Detailed Object (New)


Charities Commission Allowance

Allotment New Head of Account 2019Allotment New Head of Account 2019 FederalPrincipal Govt - 1

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