New Notification of Punjab Govt Employees Salaries 2023

New Notification of Punjab Govt Employees Salaries

The Punjab Government has finally issued the new notification of Government employees salaries adhoc relief allowance 2023-24. According to the details of notification, the Govt has only increased 30% salaries on Initial Basic Pay 2022. All the Government employees would receive the new salary for the month of August 2023 with new Adhoc Relief Allowance 2023. The Federal Government has increased the salaries of 35% on Running Basic Pay but the employees working under Punjab Government would not receive the salaried on running basic.


Punjab Govt Issued 35% Salary Increase Notification 2023

As we already knows that all the AGEGA team members especially Rehman Ali Bajwa are protesting to get relief as per Federal Government employees.

Punjab Govt Employees Salaries Notification 2023 New

The Provincial Director, Local Fund Audit, Punjab, Lahore The Chief Inspector of Treasuries & Accounts, Punjab, Lahore The Chief Pilot, VIP Flight, Lahore GRANT OF ADHOC RELIEF ALLOWANCE-2023 @ 30% OF INITIAL OF BASIC PAY ΤΟ THE CIVIL SERVANTS OF PUNJAB GOVERNMENT I am directed to state that the Governor of the Punjab has been pleased to sanction an Adhoc Relief Allowance-2023 @30% of initial of basic pay of Basic Pay Scales, 2022 with effect from 1st July, 2023 and till further orders to all the Civil Servants of the Punjab Government and contract employees employed against civil posts in Basic Pay Scales on standard terms & conditions of contract appointment and subject to the following conditions:

  • Be subject to income Tax.
  • Be admissible during leave and entire period of LPR except during extra ordinary leave.
  • Not be treated as part of emoluments for the purpose of calculation of pension / gratuity and recovery of House Rent.
  • Not be admissible to the employees during the tenure of their posting / deputation abroad.
  • Be admissible to the employees on their repatriation from posting / deputation abroad at the rate and amount which would have been admissible to them had they not been posted abroad.

The above Adhoc Relief Allowance-2023 shall be accommodated from within the budgetary allocation for the Financial Year 2023-2024 by the respective departments and no supplementary grant would be given on this account.

Punjab Govt Employees Salaries

Adhoc Relief Allowance-2023

Rehman Bajwa Special Message For Punjab Govt Employees 2023

The Rehman Ali Bajwa AGEGA Head has recorded his message for all Punjab Government employees that be calm and show Patience because the notification has been issued on Initial Basic pay is 100% true and but it will return soon and the new notification on increase salaries on running basic pay  will be issued. AEGA Team is working very hard and knows everything. Our team stands with the Punjab employees and don’t allow to injustice with them.

Rehman Bajwa Special Message For Punjab Govt Employees

Meanwhile, our Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Shareef talk with the Punjab Chief Minister regarding increase of Salaried of Punjab employees as per Federal Government employees. The case will be again send in the cabinet for revision and new notification.

Punjab Govt Employees Salary Chart 2023-24

BPS Initial Basic Pay ARA 2023 (30%)
1 13550 4065
2 13820 4146
3 14260 4278
4 14690 4407
5 15230 4569
6 15760 4728
7 16310 4893
8 16890 5067
9 17470 5241
10 18050 5415
11 18650 5595
12 19770 5931
13 21160 6348
14 22530 6759
15 23920 7176
16 28070 8421
17 45070 13521
18 56880 17064
19 87840 26352
20 102470 30741
21 113790 34137
22 122190 26657

Minutes of Meeting For Punjab Govt 35% Salary and 17.5% Pension (NEW)

You can see below the Minutes of 21st Punjab Cabinet Meeting. The Notification will be issued today Inshallah. It’s w.e.f 1.8.2023 that should be from July and also keep in mind Leave encashment issue is still pending. That will also be resolved but for that unity and faith on leader is the first condition. The second condition is loyalty Leadership with AGEGA. (Message By Rehman Bajwa)

Minutes of Meeting For Punjab Govt 35% Salary and 17.5% Pension

Punjab Govt 35% Salary and 17.5% Pension

There is no officer sitting in the Ministry of Finance Punjab. First, fraud on leave encashment of Punjab employees brothers and now increase from 1st August instead of 1st July. The most dangerous thing is that the 17.5% pension will not be given to the employees who retire on and after August 1, while on the contrary, this increase has always been given and in the recent budget, the federal government has also given this increase to the employees who are going to retire. kept The employees of Punjab should stay awake and take comfort and at the same time be prepared. Inshallah All-Government Employees Grand Alliance (AGEGA). In any case, there is no violation of the legitimate constitutional rights of any government employee in any province of Pakistan, including the federal government. Will let it happen.

Your brother Rehman Ali Bajwa
Head Federal Secretariat Employees Core Committee
All Government Employees Grand Alliance

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