No NOC for Admission is Required

The Education Department Multan CEO, has confirmed through the notification letter regarding no NOC for admission is required for  all the employees after the duty timings.

NOC for Admission (Higher Study)

Please refer to your letter dated 09-10-2020 on the subject cited above. The case for grant of permission in M.Phil (Mathematics) of Mrs….. is returned herewith the remarks that the Worthy Secretary Government of the Punjab, School Education Department Lahore has quoted the reference about letter No. S(R)1357/1-26-58-SO-XIII dated 21-6-1960 in his order bearing No. SO (SE-I) 1-10/2015 dated 28-05-2019. According to the Notification “Outside office hours, the teachers may attend classes/courses. No formal permission is necessary in such cases.

They may only inform the Head of their Department that they are attending such classes/courses. If, however, they found that by attending such classes/courses, the work of Government servant is suffering the Head of the Department, may by an order stop the Govt. Servant from attending such courses/classes. In light of the above Notification, there is no need for NOC/Permission.

In this regard, you are to inform the above-said lady teacher accordingly and circulate this notification among all the heads of institutions under your jurisdiction for information and strict compliance.

No NOC for Admission is Required

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