NOC Prior To Launch of PhD Program in Chemistry

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has issued the official notification on 28th July 2021 in connection with NOC prior to  launch of PhD Program in Chemistry. The further details are given below;

NOC on Start of PhD Program in Chemistry HEC Notification 2021

With reference to your request for grant of subject NOC dated: April 06, 2021. I am pleased to inform that HEC has no objection on start of PhD program in Chemistry by The University of Lahore, w.e.f., Fall, 2021.

The following full time/permanent faculty members have been designated by the university to launch the said program:

S.No Faculty Name & Designation PhD Degree
1 Dr. Zaid Mahmood, Professor Analytical and Chemistry
2 Dr. Arif Nazir, Associate Professor Chemistry
3 Dr. Munawar Iqbal, Associate Professor Chemistry

To keep the record straight university is requested to communicate if there is any change in the proposed faculty during the execution of the program. It is also advised, to comply with HEC’s Policy for PhD Programs effective since January 01, 2021, including with respect to faculty requirement, curriculum, publication policy, credit hours and admission criteria in true letter and spirit.

HEC, reserves the right to withdraw the NOC in case the university is found unable to meet the requisite minimum HEC criteria/guidelines throughout the program.

NOC Prior To Launch of PhD Program in Chemistry

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