Notification of AEOs Classroom Observation Tool Pilot Study

Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit (PMIU) Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme (PESRP) has issued the official Notification letter on 14th February, 2020 in connection with Notification of AEOs classroom observation tool pilot study.

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The Technical Assistance team for the Third Punjab Education Sector Project (PESP-III) is conducting a study on the use of the new Classroom Observation Tool (COT) by the AEOs in Punjab. The institute of Social and Policy Sciences (ISAPS) has been contracted to conduct the study.

The said study will be carried out in the 6 CPO districts namely; Chiniot, Khushab, Lodhran, Jhelum, Pakpattan and Rajanpur. The “No Objection Certificate” for the purpose has been granted by the Home Department Punjab, bearing letter No. SO(IS-II)3-2/09/2019. A copy of the letter is attached as Annex A.

Field Researchers will begin data collection on Monday, 17th February, 2020. The names and details of the teams visiting the field are attached as Annex B. The data collection process in the field may take upto 14 days to complete the activity. The fieldwork will include:

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  • Observe the Observer Researchers will do joint observations with the AEOs. they will shadow the AEO during their school visit and independently observe the classroom alongside the AEO. They will also observe the post-observation feedback session and make notes as per their study tools.
  • Post Observations, they will individually interview the AEO they shadowed, the HT of the school and the teacher whose classroom was observed.
  • Focus Group Discussions with the Primary School teachers and AEOs will also be conducted.

The entire activity may take up to four hours to complete since it is recommended that the teachers to be interviewed should get done with their lessons before they are engaged in the activity. In consultation with QAED, a sample of up to 12 AEOs from each of the 6 districts has been drawn. The list of names of the AEOs selected for the study is attached as Annex C.

Foregoing, it is requested that the CEO may ensure that all AEOs in the respective district are notified about the said activity and facilitate the entry of the field researcher to the schools they will be visiting on the day.

Notification of AEOs Classroom Observation Tool Pilot StudyPilot Study

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