Notification of Balochistan Public Transport Opens with Covid-19 SOPs

The Notification has been issued by the Government of Baluchistan, Home & Tribal Affairs Department on 7th June, 2020 in connection with public transport opens with Covid-19 SOPs.

In continuation of this Department’s order No. SO(Judi)8(31)2020/1212-1234/, dated 1st June, 2020 and with the prior approval of the competent authority, the Government of Balochistan is pleased to allow “Inter-Provincial/Inter-District Public Transport” with immediate effect until further orders with the following precautionary measures/conditions:-

Covid-19 SOPs for Public Transport

  1. The internal portion of each bus/van will completely be sprayed/disinfect prior to movement.
  2. The adjacent seat to the passenger will be kept vacant.
  3. Hand Sanitizing facility would be mandatory in each bus/van
  4. Each passenger will be checked before boarding a bus / van with the help of a thermal gun.
  5. The record of each passenger is to be maintained properly.
  6. Use of mask is mandatory for all the passengers, drivers and conductors during travel/stay and movement.
  7. Each bus shall be sprayed/disinfected completely upon arriving at its destination.
  8. No person will be allowed to stand/sit in the middle part of the bus.
  9. No person with fever /without mask, will be allowed to board a bus /van.
  10. The taxi cars will be allowed only with three passengers and all above conditions will apply to the taxis, as well.
  11. The eighteen seater van will carry  only 10X passengers.
  12. Crowed/congestion is to be avoided at Bus/Van terminals.
  13. Hand Sanitizing/Hand Wash facility is to be arranged at bus/van terminals for passengers /general public.
  14. No Customer will be allowed inside the terminals without mask.
  15. Atleast one-meter distance between all workers/staff and customers/general public is to be kept at terminals.
  16. Frequent use of water and soap, to wash hands be ensured by the staff at work place.
  17. All other general instructions regarding Covid-19 SOPs are to be followed in letter and spirit.
  18. In case of violation of the above SOPs. legal actions would be taken against the violators and if needed the decision to allow the transport, will be withdrawn/reversed in the best public interest.

Notification of Balochistan Public Transport Opens with Covid-19 SOPs

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