Notification of Ban Food Items in Sindh Karachi

Sindh Food Authority, Government of Sindh, Karachi has issued the officer Notification through Dawn Newspaper for public concern in the matter of ban / restrict food items in Sindh Karachi.

Consequent upon the recommendations of the 3rd Scientific Panel Meeting of Sindh Food Authority held an 4th September, 2019 in the office of the Sindh Food Authority at Karachi, the Panel is pleased to ban / restrict the following food items In the province of Sindh with immediate effect.

Banned Items

1). Substandard Ketchup with no proper tractability is banned

2). Substandard Colors or Flavours with no proper tractability are banned

3). Loose Tea is completely banned in any means. However, a span of 3 months period Is accorded as grace period from the date of issuance of this notification that ends on 18th of December, 2019

4). Use of Newspaper, Non-Food Grade Material and other Printed Material which are being used for carrying / wrapping of food are banned

5). Imported Products containing any animal Ingredient without having Halal Certification are banned

6). The Use of Styrofoam for serving food is banned

7). MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Itself or the products which contain MSG are banned as well

8). Self-claimed Halal Products having Non-Certified Halal Logos are banned

9). Substandard Snacks (Papad) are banned

Sindh Food Authority, Government of Sindh
Bungalow No. B-12. Block-A, S.M.C.H.S.
Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

Notification of Ban Food Items in Sindh Karachi

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