Notification of Demands of Govt Teachers Balochistan 2021

Government of Balochistan, Secondary Education Department has issued the official note for the chief secretary on 27th Marc, 2021 in connection with demands of Govt teachers association (AAEENI).

Demand of Govt Teachers Association (AAEENI) 2021

This case relates to the various demands submitted by the Government Teachers Association (AAEENI) to the Worthy Chief Secretary (F/A). In this regard, it is stated that the demands of the said Association have been examined thoroughly in the light of existing rules and policies in vogue, issued by the Government of Balochistan from time to time.

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With regard to demand for up-gradation of the following posts of teachers, the Department recommends their case for up gradation with the reasons that the posts of other categories i.e ministerial staff and Miscellaneous cadres, have been up graded from time to time, but the posts of teachers have not been up graded. So far, further the up gradation of the following posts have been up graded in the sister province of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (F/B).

S.No Name of Post From (BPS) To BPS
1 JVT BPS-09 BPS-14
2 MQ BPS-09 BPS-14
3 JET BPS-14 BPS-16
4 PET BPS-14 BPS-16
5 JAT BPS-14 BPS-16
6 JDM BPS-14 BPS-16
7 EST BPS-15 BPS-16

Further, demand regarding grant of professional allowance for the qualification of PTC, CT and B.ED is concerned. It is proposed that they may be granted the said allowance with the following proposed rates on the pattern of professional allowances granted to the employees of Higher Education, Health and Secondary Education Department for doing M.Phil and respectively:

S.No Qualification Proposed Rates
1 PTC 1000
2 CT 1500
3 BED 2000

The demand regarding lump sum payment of Benevolent fund at the time of retirement, as per time scale is concerned. This department recommends that they may be paid, the said fund according to the last pay drawn by them on eve of their retirement, for the reasons that they are Contributing into the above fund according to the maximum pay being drawn by them and deductions is made from them as per their last pay scale.

Notification of Demands of Govt Teachers Balochistan 2021

Demand of Govt Teachers Association (AAEENI) 2021

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