Notification of Economical Use of Paper in Office 2021

Punjab Govt, Higher Education Department has issued the official notification on 21st June 2021 in connection with Economical Use of Paper in Office.

Both Sides of Paper Used in Govt Offices 2021

It has been observed by the competent authority that only one side of paper is being used by the Section Officers of this department. The draft letters for approval are also being submitted by using one side of paper to the high-ups. Sometimes, these drafts are amended by the Deputy Secretaries concerned and amended drafts are also submitted on fresh papers.

These drafts are again amended at the level of Additional Secretaries and again furnished on fresh papers which cause undue waste of resources.

Therefore, the Competent Authority has directed to use both sides of paper for official correspondence and draft letters for approval may be submitted by putting cross on used side of paper to save the public resources.

It is requested that the above directions of Competent Authority must be adhered to in letter and spirit.

Notification of Economical Use of Paper in Office 2021

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