Notification of Fire Safety Measure 2020

Punjab Emergency Service has issued the official Notification letter on 20th February, 2020 in connection with fire safety measures / prevent measures for gas leakage and inflammable material.

Kindly find enclosed a copy of letter No. PA/DSG HOME/786/2018-19 dated 19th February, 2020 received from Home Department Government of the Punjab regarding subject matter.

Accordingly, you are requested to ensure following:

Conduct Fire Safely Audit (on already standardized format) 01 all Government Buildings to Identify vulnerable sites wherein any harmful Inflammable, hazardous material gas leakage or related hazards are present and intimate the concerned authorities regarding measures to be taken to ensure Fire Safety & Prevention.

Circulate the enclosed instructions regarding Fire Safety & Prevention to all Government Public Offices.

Furthermore, you are requested to submit a comprehensive along with the summary of activities performed within your respective district to this office within seven days as per the enclosed formal, Inflammable.

Instruction Regarding Fire Safety Measures& Prevention at Government/Public Buildings


  1. Don’t store any inflammable or hazardous materials (Gasoline etc.) in Government/public offices unauthorizedly.
  2. Good quality installations of utilities (Electric & gas) may be ensured in all public buildings
  3. Proper ventilation of public buildings may be ensured.
  4. Turn off all utility connections while leaving the office.
  5. Ensure safety / security watch during holidays or when offices are closed.
  6. Burning of garbage like papers/rags or other waste should be strictly prohibited within the premises rather should be properly disposed of.
  7. Smoking should be strictly prohibited inside offices/warehouses.
  8. Fire safety & warning signage should be displayed at appropriate places.
  9. Emergency Evacuation plan should be displayed at each floor with clear marking of exists and assembly area.
  10. Fire Safety installations like Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarm System, Fire Extinguishers etc.
  11. should be ensured at each Government Building.
  12. Emergency Evacuation drills should be rehearsed at least quarterly while ensuring participation of all employees/occupants.
  13. All Emergency contact numbers should be displayed at prominent places.Periodic inspection of [premises should be carried out to ensure that no inflammable / hazardous material is stored at any unauthorized place.
  14. All documentation related to inflammable / hazardous material storage at designation places, disposal of waste / material, store inventories, inspection/maintenance of if safety installations, record of Emergency Evacuation Drills & safety training should be maintained.
  15. At warehouses / stores / workshops or any other storage facilities ensure following:

(i). Keep all hazardous materials properly segregated and store in dry , cool areas.

(ii). Proper ventilation must be ensured to keep the concentration of toxic vapors, fumes, mists or airborne dusts at a minimum.

(iii). Always sue required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while handling inflammable / hazardous / toxic materials.

(iv).Make sure all containers are properly labelled and contained in an appropriate vessel.

(v).Report damaged containers or illegible labels to your supervisor immediately.

(vi).Choose the least hazardous materials that can do the job effectively and safely.

(vii).Use all materials solely for their intended purpose.

(viii).Never eat or drink while handling hazardous material.

(ix).Employees handling hazardous materials need to read labels on such material they use or handle and have Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) available to properly deal with handling. storing, and cleaning up spills and relevant first-aid procedures.

(x).Employees must keep themselves and the work area clean. After handling any hazardous material, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Clean work surfaces at least once per-shirt, so contamination risks are minimized.

(xi).Employees dealing with hazardous materials should be properly trained to prevent & manage the harm in case of hazardous material incident.

Notification of Fire Safety Measure 2020

Instruction Regarding Fire Safety Measures Prevention at GovernmentPublic Buildings

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