Notification of Grant of M.Phil/LLM/PhD Allowance 2020

Government of Punjab, Finance Department has issued the official circular letter on 30th March, 2020 in connection with notification of grant of M.Phil/LLM/PhD allowance.

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I am directed to refer to this departments letter No. FD.SR-I/9-21/2016, dated 22-3-2019 on the subject and to state that a question has arisen as to whether those employees who have / had been recruited on the basis of qualification of PhD/D.Sc/PhD/LLM degree, are entitled for M.Phil/DSc/LLM/PhD allowance from the date of notification of final result by the concerned university or from 01-8-2019.

The case has been examined and it is clarified that above referred employees are entitled for M.Phil/LLM/PhD allowance w.e.f. 01-8-2019, as prior to this date they were not entitled for the said allowance in the light of this department’s letter No. FD.SR-I/9-21/2016, dated 09-11-2016 and the same has been suspended vide letter No. FD.SR-I/9-21/2016, dated 22-8-2019 w.e.f. 01-8-2019.The other employee who do not fall in the above referred category, shall be entitled as per serial # iv of the letter No. FD.SR-I/9-21/2016, dated 22-8-2019.

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All administrative Secretaries / concerned are requested to ensure implementation of the above mentioned instructions in letter and spirit.

Punjab Finance Department has already issued the Notification on 22 August, 2019 regarding grant of M.Phil/LLM/PhD Allowance.

Notification of Grant of M.PhilLLMPhD Allowance

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