Notification of Instructions Regarding Additional/Extra/Irrelevant Duty

School Education Department, Punjab Government has issued the official notification on 14th April, 2021 in connection with Instructions regarding Additional/Extra/Irrelevant Duty. The further details are given below;

Additional / Extra / Irrelevant Duty Instructions 2021

In continuation of this department’s letter dated 06.05.2019 on the subject cited above. It has been directed that no member of any teaching cadre may be assigned any other duty except teaching, but it has come to the knowledge of Competent Authority that these instructions are not followed in letter & spirit.

It is learnt that I.T Teachers have been given additional duties for the upcoming wheat procurement, which are against the spirit of the instructions on the subject.

It is, therefore, reiterated that above mentioned policy instructions may be implemented in letter and spirit.

Notification of Instructions Regarding Additional Extra Irrelevant Duty

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